Protest in Sindh against the killing of Hindu Leader

Leader of Hindu Sindhi Sujag Tahreek Shri Wazir Mal Marwari Mudered in Sindh: Protest

Rich & Powerfull of Interior Sindh responsible for the killing of Hindu leader in Sindh : Protesters

Protest in kandharkot, Thal, Khaipur, Mirpur Khas  against the killing of Hindu Leader in Sindh

Hindus being forced to migrate : Ali Hasan Chandio

Hindus to be protected at all cost : Awami Tehrek

US congressmen had already written letter to President Zardari on Rinkle Kumari case : BBC

US Administration should reach out to Sindhis. They are more in numbers compared to Urdu Speaking in Pak : US Senator Brad Sherman

Funds to be collected  for Sindhi language development : Brad Sherman

I will take up Sindh issues in US congress :   US Senator Brad Sherman