It is not Easy to be a Hindu in Pakistan : Migrated Sindhi Hindu

  • India Start processing citizenship for Hindus who have completed 7 yrs of stay in India: Awami Awaz
  • It is not Easy to be a Hindu in Pakistan, We have migrated after much difficulty : An Pakistan-Sindhi Hindu Migrant in Jodhpur
  • 900 Hindus await for their case to be heard by Indian officials
  • Pakistan Rejects “Thar Express is the main Lifeline for the migrating Hindus of Sindh : BBC News”
  • 10,000 already migrated. Mysterious forces are responsible for the migration of Hindus : Ali Hasan Chandio Leader Sindh national movement
  • Hindus travelling from Ghotki, Shikarpur, Jacacobad, Kashmore to India not for pilgrimage for  security reasons :  Ali Hasan Chandio Leader Sindh National movement
  • PPP Wadhras are helping in the Migration . Govt failure to Protect Hindus have forced us to come on streets : Sindhi Nationalists
  • Atrocities of Hindus in a way related to Election : Sindhi Nationalists
  • Sons of Soil (Hindu Sindhis) are being migrated to make way for Burmese & Bangali Muslims : Ryaz Chandio (Sindhi Nationalists)
  • Itz Height of atrocities on Hindus. We have reached a breaking point : Wakar Shah
  • Hindu girls have been forced to Convert : Sindh National Movement