Why Sindhi Hindus are repeating their mistakes ??

Veegas is an well known columnist writing for Frointer Post (in English) as well as Daily Ibarat (Sindhi). At a time when Sindh is trough massive upheavals which could be equated only to that of Partition and more important mass migration of Hindu Sindhis from Sindh.

Ever since the issues of abduction and Forced conversation issue came up, Veengus trough her writings have been raiseing concers/fears of an radical sindh. She represents those handful of members of the sindhis who continue to raise hopes despite denial of justice my Highest court of Pakistan.

Presented here is one such article in English for those who are unaware of Sindhi. This article was publidhed in Sindhi Daily Ibarat on 28 th. June 2012.


Why Sindhi Hindus are repeating their mistakes ??

After the verdict of 18th. April the impression is that we have lost all faith on the law of land. We understand it as an natural reaction when a court of the stature like Supreme Court itself proclaims such an verdict which for a moment at least makes us believe of hardly any difference between an dictatorial government and Supreme Court functioning under an democracy. This is what the general impression have been after Pakistan SC verdict from Rinkle Kumari to Asha Kumari cases.

Notwithstanding the fact that is the past too atrocities against the indigenous sons of the mother sindh who are being referred as Hindu Sindhis have been rampant ranging from Kidnapping to murders in open streets, who can forget the murder of young Hindu in open market at Jacacobad !!!

Shall we forget the killing of four hindu doctors at Chak ?

Who had till date delivered justice in all such cases ?? when there is nothing called justice in real terms for poor what the hell they should agitate for ? Everybody need to mark his own limits. The poor and unfortunate should take a note of their limits!!!!

Post 18 April have seen remarkable increase in Migration of Hindus from Sindh & Baluchistan primarily due to deteriorating security condition. There is little doubt in the fact that Hindu Sindhis are insecure but the point is are the Hindu only one insecure ?? I wish to put the question to all indigenous inhabitants of Sindh & Baluchistan are people of Sindh not being torched ? Are sindhi not being turned to minority ? If tomorrow Sindhis start dividing themselves into groups and began complaining that we are not being taken care off so shall we too migrate from Sindh ? Will our issues gets resolved with by giving up our own Dharti mata !!!! That is what the conspirator’s want that “Forced the indigenous people to migrate and make room for their own”!!!! That’s the very reason they are mischievously planning to attack us from behind. But instead of facing up to the issues all are busy packing up their bag & baggage f to say Goodbye !!! Look at the big cities of Sindh, so much so that even being a Sindhi is a sort of crime !!! Providing education to Sindhis is hardly permitted so shall we pull ourselves back from cities ???

Today I ask a simple straightforward question from Sindhis that tomorrow if our sindh is trouble and difficult times knock our door so shall, we dump our motherland ???

The mistakes committed in 1947 should not be repeated. If during that time we instead of giving up our land, had we preferred to fight with the intruders, Sindh would have been different world. If we vacate our homes that in a way implies that in addition to giving others room you are giving up your right to return as well and if repeated such will obviously hunt us. This is what intruders (of our Land) want and if after such a long time we are unable to comprehend it would be indeed unfortunate. The issues need to be addressed by standing firm and not by running away from our own Land. All what we need is introspect bring up the solution.

We should not expect the find solutions by emptying sindh nor expect any spectacular solution to our owes!!

We can only request them (Hindus ) that my giving up sindh they should not repeat the mistakes already committed once . If today the issue are hunting us tomorrow they might not be any issue in the first place but for GOD sake don’t deprive your future generation of their motherland simply because some issues had come up !!!