Rinkle’s SMS to her MOM shared by Raj Kumar

Mom, Leave me & migrate to India so that I could give up my life with ease. These ppl blackmail me that my family would be wiped out. If I refuse to take meal but they manage to force me once a day’s meal under the threat of Guns. Mayan Mithoo tells me that from if your relatives couldn’t save you in Ghotki court , Shelter House & Supreme Court do you think that they could ever free you ? I said I was never a Muslim & I will never will be a Muslim either. I just want to be with my mom. They force me to eat Beef almost every day but I throw it away. I simply survive on Vagetables & Paulses just 2 be alive. Mom please tell me when you are migrating to India so that I could die. They tell me that they will be taking me to Saudi Arab durning Ramzan – I refuse they threaten me with Gun. MOM I want to die but god is not permitting me that too.

I came to know that my brother had got married. Look at my fate I could not even sing Sehra (Sindhi Marriage songs) in my lone brother’s marriage!! I planned a lot for my Pavan’s marrage. Mom even putting all effort you couldn’t save me. I cried in front of media that this country is or Muslims. Hindus wont get justice here. Mom today I cried for the entire day, no body is there so provide me solace. This never happed when I was with you Ghotki. Mom, what my Bhabi thinks about me ?

Mom I belonged to you yesterday and I belong to you today. Kidnappers might have control of my body but my soul will always be with you, I and my dead body.

Tell Bhabi that whatever happed was not Rinkle’s fault. I heard that mama rajkumar had left Pakistan. Ask for forgiveness from on my behalf. Tell mama it was not my fault. Hope you don’t delete this SMS ?