Sad Day : Rinkle Family Migrates finally to India !!!!


  • Rinkle’s Family Migrates to India along with 400 Hindus of Ghotki
  • Rinkle’s Family threatened through their maids “ Keep Quite or be prepared to get humiliated in full public glare”
  • We have no Option but to leave. It is dangerous for us to live in Sindh : Rinkle relatives tols Awami Awaz (sobbing )
  • As the Zardari committee busy ,meeting Hindus more migrate Sindh for ever
  • Hindus are migrating because of Forced Conversation. Don’t Expect any Justice from PPP: Minority Hindu Leader in Sindh
  • Protest in Sindh by Bhil Committee against migration of Hindus of Sindh
  • PPP Should sack Mityan Mithoo  we are prepared to help : Rinkle Uncle raj Kumar
  • Sindhi Hindus being reduced to Second class citizen. Their daughters being kidnapped : Ali Chandio
  • “If Hindu Migration is Propaganda than why Mr. Zardari is sending team to Sindh?” : Awami Tehreek Leader Ayaz Latif Palejo
  • Sindhi Social Media Protest  against the migration of Hindus of Sindh
  • PPP Govt. is responsible for Hindu Migration : Jeye Sindh Quomi Mahaz
  • If Hindus migrate Sindhis will loose majority in Sindh : Sindh National Movement
  • We are being hunted for Protesting against forced conversation , Bhatta Khori, illegal occupied properties : Abducted Manisha’s Father Babu Mal
  • If Manisha  is not returned I too have to migrate to India : Manisha’s  Father Babumal
  • I am the follower of Bhagat Kanwar Ram, Hindu Girld are like my doughter : Maulana Bukhs Chandio & Jangiz Jamali Member of Presidential   Team visiting  Hindus of Sindh
  • Make law to safe guard Hindus : Sindh Sujag Tehrek
  • Hindus are happier then Muslims. Hindus are defaming Pakistan : Jamat e Islami (Sindh)