Where is Rinkle Kumari? Report Sindhtalk

Where is Rinkle Kumari?

Nobody knows at this point of time where is Rinkle Kumari

Rinkle who’s so called love affair was solemnized by Court Order/Drama before being handed over to her husband

It had been 6 months now yet none of us exactly know where she actually is. Not surprising rumor- market is already hot with speculations

Some say Rinkle while escaping from the custody of  infamous PPP MNA ‘s Manson was in fact killed after being Shot at.

While another rumor say she is still in custody of Miyan Mithoo instead of being with her so called husband where nobody is allowed to meet her. Etc etc

Despite of the fact that Rinkle had changed her religion but denying her an opportunity to meet her mother cannot be justified under any circumstances. So much so that she have even been denied to attend marriage of her lone brother!!!

Can it be justified under any condition that being a Muslim one needs to serve all her relations . Blood relations are indeed for life time. Can a separation of Child from their mother be justified for life time ?? Can a child be separated  from her mother simply on the basis that  child have been professing separate religion. ?

We understand that despite Rinkle Kumari being  Faryal Bibi but before that she is an Human and it is only after that she is Sindhi or Muslim and more than that if any relationships exists that is of an Sister to brother or with that that of her immediate family. This relationship is just as that of an idol to an Temple. We need understand that rinkle can server her relationship with Temple but not with her immediate family could neither be served nor could be denied under any rule of nature. Rinkle right to maintain her relationship cannot be whims of Mitan mithoo . More importantly it should be brought to notice of where Rinkle is and on what basis she has been denied access to her immediate family. Immediate steps should therefore be taken for an family reunion else we all should be ready for increased pressure and more importantly we are lowering Human dignity in front of the world at large

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