To  The Prime Minister

Govt. Of India, New Delhi

Dear Prime Minister

Reports from Sindh province of Pakistan speak of increasing intolerance of Hindu Minority. Increasing number of young Girls are being Kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam before being married off to Muslim men. As per the data with Pakistan Human Rights groups 20 Girls every month are subjected to such inhuman torture which translated to roughly one each day. In most of the cases  no FIR are registered.


The Hindu community in Sindh provinces consists of 80% of Hindu  Dalits castes who received practically no support from within and outside world in their fight against the inhuman harsh treatment. In most of the court cases the girls are never allowed to meet their families. Surrounded by their kidnappers life of the Girls are a living Hell.

Recently there have been a case of 3 Hindu girls being kidnapped and then forceful fully converted before being married off to their kidnapers. Rinkle Kumari, Dr. Lata and Asha Kumari were forcefully abducted and converted to Islam and married off to Muslim men. Despite forcing the issue to be taken up to the Highest Court in Pakistan justice was eventually DENIED by Pakistan Supreme court. The Girls were never allowed to have access to their families apart from a one single occasion (Only in Case of Rinkle Kumari & Dr.Lata). In the hearing of Supreme court the lawyers of the families of the Abducted girls were never allowed to cross examine the accused neither the case of kidnappings was taken up. The girls were left to defend themselves. Moreover they were handed over to the Police to record a written statement despite the fact that Police themselves are in a way accused in this case. No public hearing of the cases was allowed which is against the LAW of land in Pakistan.


Pakistan Human Rights commission speaks of the number of Abducted Hindu Girls to be in thousands. Separated from their family and loved ones and left without any legal support these girls are even sold for Money.

In this particular case no charges of Kidnappings were framed instead the girls were put on trail. In Pakistan court after court apparently provided protection to the kidnappers instead. The Family of the kidnapped girls  were forced out of their home in Ghotki and had to take refuge in a Gurudwara  in Lahore and then in Karachi. There is intense intimation of Hindu community in Sindh. Leave apart the Hindu community even the members of civil society comprising of secular Muslims  have not been spared. As an matter of fact the day before the Supreme Court hearing members of the civil society were attacked. The police instead of controlling the situation have even book members of the civil society for unrest.


The main accused in this case is Miyan Abdul Haq (Miyan Mithoo) is a sitting member of Pakistan National Assembly and belongs to Pakistan Peoples Party of Pakistani president Mr. Asif Ali Zardari. He had publicly threatening Hindus ever since the protest began yet no action have been initiated against him or his supporters. Pakistani Presedent Zardari had been well aware of the situation this case ever sindh the issue came up in Mirpur Mathelo, yet no action have been taken by the president.


Among the three kidnapped Rinkle Kumari suffered the worst. There are credible reports that she had been sexually assaulted in the Police custody as well as in Women Shelter home where she was kept first as per Sindh High Court order and afterwards on Supreme court order.


In case of Asha Kumari, their family got ransom calls yet in the courts she was produced as somebody willingly ran away to be a Muslim. There are media report which confirm that they was taken to Baluchistan by her captives where she was subjected to harsh treatment.

Not only the Hindu community been abused but the newly converted Hindu girls are being paraded in the Towns of Sindh as an show of strength. This amounts to public humiliation of Hindu community in Sindh at large.


The life of ordinary Hindus have become a living hell in Sindh and Indian Government do not intervenes and take up the issue with Pakistan Govt. an human tragedy is on the cards. There are credible chances of MASS MIGRATION to India as the Hindu minority have no where to go.


Sir, as you too have been a victim of mass migration of 1947 just like my family I beg you request your intervention on the issue so that the Kidnapped Hindu girls could have a dignified life.


Women being the weakest of the society needs certain protection and if we do not raise to the occasion we too are likely to be dubbed as supporters of the crime being committed in the name of religion. History would never forgive us for being silent on the crime being committed the humanity.


I therefore on the behalf of Hindu sindhi  community beg your intervention to take up the issue as Justice system in Pakistan have failed to live up to the expectation. If India do not raise up to the occasion more and more Hindu Girls are to kidnapped in the name of the religion and the dignity of the Hindu girls would be lowered even further.

I hope that Indian Govt. would live up to it’s the values as being laid in all international charters.

Hindu minority indeed needs all the support and comfort for a Dignified Life which is the right of every citizen irrespective of any country.


With Regards , God Bless Humanity


(On the behalf of beleaguered Hindu minority of Sindh)