Plight of Hindus : The beleaguered minority community of Sindh, Pakistan

This report was published in Awami Awaz. The translated version is being published now.

Take a call – Either allow us to live or let us leave, Migration in Sindh in real terms had bitten even 1947 records : Hindu Member to Standing committee of Human Rights in National Assembly Pakistan

Awami Awaz:- Report-Sakheel Naich—The Standing committee of Human Right had recommended to the Govt. of Sindh that forcible conversation be stopped and action be taken against the responsible and legislation be drafted to in order to stop the migration of Hindus. Further legislation be drafted to stop incidents of Karo-Kari and Prison manual be modified in line with the present times. These were the main points discussed in the meeting of standing committee of Human Rights which was presided over by Ryaz Fatiyana who holds the chair of the commission as well. Incidentally in the meeting the data related  to Forced Conversation and Migration of Hindus as being put up by I G Sindhi from Sindhi were out rightly  rejected  by the Minority Hindu members of the commission . Speaking on the data put up by I G Sindh Falak Khurshid, Hindu MNA (Member of National Assembly Pakistan) said the level of Migration in Sindhi in the last 5 years have been much more compared to that of mass migration in 1947!! In Mirpur Khas alone there are reports of Hindered being already migrated. Additional IG Sindh said Hindus being a hardworking community and have of an progressive which is the reason why they are specifically targeted. President Zardari have already instituted a three member parliamentary  committee to look into the issue. MNA Aeresh Kumar Singh said that the data are far for being true. Indian minister had publically confirm that 500 families are already in India  and have expressed their willingness of staying here on long term. Majority of those Migrated once have refused to return. In Sindhi many more have been killed. If Hindus migrate it would spell disaster for us. Mr Mangal Sharma of Minority Alliance said  in September alone as many as 12 Hindu Girls have been forcefully converted to Islam. Among these 12 only one girl have been return to her family. As many as 7500 family have been migrated and in the last 20 yrs the data for migrated once put up the figure at One and half lacks. Not even 5% of the jobs are with Hindus. There is no Hindu personal Law Board as well. Mr Tikam Mal of Pakistan Hindu Council said forced conversion is the single most reason of Hindu Migration. We need to believe only on Hard facts. The Girl after being kidnapped for 20 days is being presented as Muslim , we are asking why a girl had to be made wife why nor a daughter or Sister ? We will earn money anyway but about humiliation that we go through? In case a law is drafted to make easier of Hindus being converted we would have no other option but to Migrate to India. “Either you let us live or let us leave” Additional IG Sindh on his part said that we are bonded by law of Land. As per law the boy and the Girls are presented to the court and it is up to the courts to issue the verdict . We merely comply with the court order. Mr Kashoor Zahiri MNA from MQM said Hindus love this country more than what we do. The present situations demand an through rethink of our attitude towards minority. This is a serious issue. This issue had tarnished the image of the country internationally. We need to draft a legislation so as an deterrent for such cases. Ramesh Singh of Minority Itehad said there are serious issue facing Hindus and so in the migration. Indian Minister says 1290 Families have migrated while 790 have already been awarded citizenships. Massive migration is on in Sukkur. In case ransom is the only solutions where is the role of Police !! Security should be provided to places of Worship belonging to Minority community. Satram Singh Domak of Baluchistan Assembly & Ram Sindg Sodha of Sindh had already migrated. If elected representatives don’t feel secure then who cares for common Hindu ? Give us the Rights what Quid Azam had promised. Immediately after the formation of Pakistan, Quid had the parliament presided by an Hindu Jogindernath Mondal. In Pakistan it was Hindu M P singh would used to speak of Sacrifice for the state  of Pakistan. In case Pakistan is in distress it is the minorities who would stand tall. Aresh Kumar Singh  MNA said that let police clarify where they have received any Government policy  to expedite the exodus of Hindus from Pakistan.  Let police clarify we won t raise hue and cry on the issue. MNA Inayat Allah said act against Hindus is an terrorist act, it is indeed shameful that Hindus are migrating. We have been hearing since the last 20 years of the presence of Private prisons. Hindu personal Law must be enacted. Cases against the Hindus needs to be tried in Special courts similar to that of terror courts like ATC. Minorities are our assets. We can’t tolerate their exodus. Special Secretary Home Mudasar Iqbal said in order to secure minorities as have constituted  committee in every district  of Sindh under Dy Commissioner which would include five minorities members apart from SSP. In the meet chairman of the commission Rayaz fathyana said there is no doubt  that non Muslims have equalrights as Muslims . Quaid in his 11 August Speech have clearly laid out the principles of equality. The venom of Militant Islam was speed by Gen Zia and we are facing the consequences of his adventurism. Legend has it that when in Chertal , Kashas community was being forcefully converted to Islam by some fanatics , then great prophet had issues stern dictates that henceforth all should have equal rights. Today if Hindus are being kidnapped, their daughters being forcefully convert, it is the duly of the STATE to provide security to the Hindus. When some Christians were terrorized in Gungarawala we protested in strongest possible terms. This commission recommends to the government of Sindh to install secrete CCTV in religious places belonging to the minority community and those cameras should be connected to nearest Police stations. Security of all religious places belonging to the minority community is State responsibility. We recommend a separate legislation to prevent forced conversation of Hindu Girls. The existing criminal Law should be amended to provide safe custody of the girls for a month. Within that period nobody should  be allowed to meet her. Additionally we recommend that religious places be in charge of an officer belonging to minority community. Minority community leaders should meet Spl Secretary Home for 2-3 hours on Monday. Henceforth a strong massage should be communicated that atrocities will not be tolerated. Hindus should not me forcefully converted. A separate cell is to be created to redress the issue on force conversion. A Quota of 5% reservation of Jobs for Minority is to be implemented. We will meet again in 2-3 months to take a stock of the situation. In the Meeting Riyaz Faiyana complemented that Sindh Police had opened a cell to redress the issue. Sindh Government should start some form of communication with religious leaders. Civil society too should be in the loop. Media should asked to cover such activity so that Executive & Judiciary could take notice of the menace of Karo Kari. We appreciate the work of UNDP who had done a commendable word for its eradications. This committee expresses deep concern for the incidents of Honor killings in the name of Karo Kari. As regards the prison reforms Ryaz Fatyana said that a recommendation is being sent to Sindh govt through Prison dept. secretary to immediately change Prison Manual. Imitates should be provide with telephone services. Those who are for smaller crime should be provided with opportunity of bail where ever possible. Imitates should be provided with access to lawyers. Games should be allowed in Jails. Television should be allowed in Prison with a large screen. The committee recommends written request for major newspaper to supply of News paper . Additionally dept should provide newspaper stand. Regular medical checks should be carried out in prisons including Hepatitis B are other disease .


Hindus of Sindh : CM Sindh adds insult to injury

  • Hindu Girls themselves are marrying  Muslims : Sindh CM
  • Hindus have been provided benefit & Ministerial berths. They are going to India on pilgrimage and not migrating : CM Sindh
  • Media is unnecesserly spreading wrong news about hinddu Migration : CM Sindh
  • Laws are framed on concenses. They are enacted as any body wish : Sindh CM
  • Hindus are free to convert their daughters : CM Sindh
  • Jinnah too spoke of security of Minoraties : CM Sindh
  • Zardari’s Sister Faryal Talpur meets Hindu Members for Job Quota for Hindus
  • “Provide security to Hindus” Zardari tells the govt
  • Hindus have been staying in Sindh since centuries and are true Pakistanis : Faryal Talpur
  • Hindus Youth should join PPP , they concerns will be heard : Faryal Talpur
  • We will implement all recommendations of Hindus : Faryal Talpur
  • “Sindh is occupied, Hindus being forced to migrate” Atta Md. Bhanbari refuses award
  • Atrocities against Hindus must Stop : Atta Md. Bhanbharo
  • No truth in Hindu Migration : Governor Sindh
  • Hindus will return after pilgrimage of India: Governor Sindh
  • Who ever troubles Hindus will be punished : Mola Baksh Chandio Chief of Precedent Fact Finding team
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Sindh : Bhagat Kanwar Ram to Rinkle Kumari

At the time when media print as well as electronic were busy in glorifying the Rinkle Kumari issue as “Love Affair “ or joyfully proclaiming the victory of ever -Islam over non Islamic religion it was Sindhi columnist Asad Chandio who unearthed the real story being the curtain.
Preseted herewith the same article of Asad Chandio in English for millions of Sympathizers of Rinkle Kumari who who don’t know Sindhi

Sindh : Bhagat Kanwar Ram to Rinkle Kumari

Using religion /Islam as an tool for intoxication, terrorizing one own race have been an pretty common feature of Sindh & Sindhis since ages present in the form of innumerable conspiracies against sindh . With the passage of time and more importantly despite both the conspiracy & conspirators being unmasked and their true color being made public we tend to be an integral part of such conspiracy without any self analysis or ever shy away by silently ignoring such conspiracy, neither we show any signs if not to replicate in future. Demonizing our own race aka snakes have been our national disease have bully us repeatedly and is to continue till the time we make ourselves believe of being our “own-self” and catalyzed us for a change.

Mirpur Mathelo’s Rinkle Kumari has indeed got strangled comprehensively in the game played in the name of “Love”!!!. One of the staunchest opponent of “Love Marrage” or “marriages by one’e own” Sindh have been issuing certificates of its progressiveness that ranges from “Rinkle issues being an issue of Love Marriage what the hell that we could do ?” to “Why the hell we should intervene ? “ thanks to the initial immaturity of Rinkle. From nationalists to Human Rights activist all are wrapped themselves in stubbed silence. Media too eager not to left behind have been working overtime to cover-up the crimes of rinh & powerful of Ghotki as if they are unaware that “One besieged out of some mistake forced to be a part of scoundrels is pleading for help with her tearful eyes”. Media bigwigs too seem to accept the “accepted” the “change” which is evident from their gleeful enjoyment as if they are not required to be aware of their responsibility !!!

The sheer disgrace of news Journalist in Sindh despite being present in Ghoki have forced me to take up the task of unearthing the truth being the story. As I went deep in the story facts the case become apparent that instead the story instead being that of an innocent girl of being in love with a wrong man she was the victim of an well planned conspiracy. A conspiracy that is at work since 1939 till date with outmost ruthlessness. We neither took notice of it then nor we intend to take notice today as “What I happening? “,Why it is happening? and “if allowed to happen what may happen down the line ?”

Before understanding as Who conspired this? why did they conspired ? and who were the conduits of such conspiracy ? let us understand the facts of “Rinkle case”
Rinkle kumari is 17 year student of Std. X residing at Sahi bazaar, Mirpur Mathelo who is planning for further studies. In the same locality is another young man Naved Shah, who apart from belonging to Panjabi Shelter family is a part of such a hippies who are controlled by criminal kingpin Hasam Kalhoro who is intern is under the care of Gothki Warlord and is known in world at large as MNA belonging to Pakistan Peoples Party. Hashim Kulhoro is an resident of an village Waki near Mirphur Mathelo being known for his ruthless in crime worls. To understate his crime one needs to refer single instance which happen way back in 2000: SHO after arresting him paraded him naked in Mitpur Mathelo. Naved Shah is just an little know member of his infamous Gang who earned some sort of distinction by merely being the conduit of forceful conversation thereby washing away all his past sins. In this context the issue comes of Rinkle being close to Naved Shah or being forced to be close to him is crucial to the understanding of the episode . It is imperative that we get into the bottom the issue to understand the mess.
Rinkle issue came to light on the Night of Friday February 24 (Remember Friday night – the importance that it has in pious Musalmaan’s life), the general view about Rinkle absconding goes on as this- She came out of her residence at Night she reached at that place where Hasam Kulhoro had already deputed three of his trusted men to help Naved Shah. Rinkle took the risk to meet Naved Shah but presence of three of Naved’s companion took her by surprise and shockingly her hope of returning got sealed on that point of time. She paid the price of her adventure by being at a place where she never thought to me in the wildest of her dreams. On 24 Feb Rinkle’s Uncle registers an FIR Vide no 2012/21 in Mirpur Mathelo Police Station thereby registering a complain officially against Naved Shah.

Even before Rinkle’s relatives and Town’s Hindu Panchyet get in terms of the situation of “What happened ? or How it happened ?” Rinkle’s family gets a calls around 1 PM from non other that local PPP MNA’s son Miyan Islam that Rinkle is with us and in you wished to meet her you are welcomed at Barchandis Sharif . Hindu community living in Ghotki are well aware of fact that how much freedom an 17 year old will be provide to express her desire/emotions in Barchondi Sharif !!!! Understandably the above circumstances Miyan Islam was asked to present Rinkle to DPO office which he refused. Eventually though he does agrees to bring Rinkle to Hindu panchyet office , but despite an verbal agreement Rinkle could not be presented on Hindu panchyet community hall as Miyan Mithoo team backtracked !!!!!
As per what have been detailed till now two things come to light

1. If Rinkle had herself choose to accept Islam than she could have been be presented at any damn place. If that had happen Barchondis could have remove the tag of forceful conversation of their head.!!! Why they were insisting only on Barchondi Sherif where nothing moves against their wishes ????

2. And in case Naved is an ordinary young man who wished to have some relationship with Rinkle , then she should have been in Naved’s residence but why she had been brought to infamous Barchondis who have dubious reputation for forceful conversation!!! Whatever may be the outcome of the talks between Rinkle relatives/Hindu community members, all communication was however postponed till any decisions is arrived at Sr. Civil Judge office at Ghotki

What happened on the next day in the office of SSP & Sr. Civil Judge Ghotki can only be understood on analysis of the drama enacted on a day before and after :
On Saturday 25 Feb. the torch bearer of lone voice in solidarity with the Rinkle’s family Mr. Raiz Chandio of Nationalist Sindhi Party Jeye Sindh Kaumi Mahaz was asked to come down to DSP Ghotki Office to meet Rinkle. The moment he arrived he saw not the police officer in this official chair but Miyan Mithoo’s Brother Miyan Shaman !!!! This act clearly justifies the apprehension that if Govt officials could behad in glove and susceptible to political pressure then what to expect of the victims !!!!!. The institutions who swore to work on the principals of Justice, impartiality & rule of Land shocks with yet another act : The DSP said to Riyaz Chandio “ In case you do not wished to Meet Rinkle in presence of Miyan Saam then you may meet her in presence of Naved Shah!!!”

Any dam person aware of justice system could easily understand that How come a person like Naved Shah be allowed to be with her victim when an FIR had already been lodge merely 24 hours back ? How it could be accepted by the family whose daughter have been kidnapped would ever accept to meet her alongside her abductor??? Throughout the drama Rinkle watch the scenario behind the closed window of Miyan Saam vehicle helplessly as Rinkle parents unable to get any positive response move to the office of Civil Judge Ghotki where her Statement under Rule 164 was to be recorded.

Rule 164 dictates that Statements is to be recorded in presence of both the parties which include even the lawyers from both sides. Consequently Rinkle began recording her statement which in presence of Naved Shah lawyers. Rinkel said “ I never choose to run away and marry. Some people intruded from our terrace and abducted me. I wish to go return to my family and not to Naved Shah or Barchiadis Pirs”. Rinkle not only gave the statement while she meet har parents but only in presence of Respected Judge of Civil Court. But while Rinkle was recording her statement a pre planned drama was enacted in the courtroom. (the chief conspirators are obviously believe to be Naved Shah’s lawyers as they passed on the information to miyan Mithoo , news about the statements being recorded of Rinkle). Even before the formalities for recording Rinkle Statement complete an drama is enacted in which Naved how apparently was medically fit& Fine , all off sudden acts to be fainted in the court room and to everybody surprise the Judge instead of handing over Rinkle to her parents transfers Rinkle to the sympathizers of Pirs , police for two days before postponing the session and Police follows suit to transfer her to Womens Police remand at Shukkar. This led to the process for modification of statement for Article 164 is initiated pretty easily !!!!! While Rinkle’s lawyers cried foul but the fate of Rinkle was as such that court instead of considering Darualm – Women Shelter home considered Police Custody as much more secure for Rinkle !!!!!

While still in Police Custody another notable incidentcomes to loght. While is she cursing her fate in her cell a policeman handsover a mobile phone to attend a call from warlord from Ghoti. On refusing to attend the call the policemen switches on the speakers. The strongman on call issues a veiled threat which goes as follows “look ! in case you don’t change your official statement of returning to your parents, not only you but all your family members will be butchered to death and Shops and residences of Hindus of ghotki will be set on fire”

In the mean time on the night of February 26 immediately after the news spreads that Pakistani President had taken a strong notice of the incident, the police which was till now “dutifully” abiding with the court orders immediately shifts Rinkle from Women Police custody that too at dead night around 2 AM. The court proceedings was to start from 8:15 AM on Feburary 27, yet it repeating the scenario of abduction shifts Rinkle in uttur hurry. Nobody knows why prompted the police to shift Rinkle that too in such an hurry considering the distance from Sukkur to Mirpur Mathelo takes just one hour !!!

27th. February was the day of unprecedented developments for inhabitants of Mirpur Mathelo. All roads leading to Court of Civil Judge were sealed by Tankers. But shockingly such restrictions were not applied for sympathizers of Pirs & Mullhas who rammed in Dozens of Vehicles whose numbers is any estimates not less than in thousands. Despite massing up such an strength they still required fully loaded guns to face an unarmed handful of members of Hindu community such was their fear on that day!!!!. On the other hand no one is ready to ferry Rinkle’s family members or their sympathizers to court such is the fear factor in Ghotki !!! When this issue was being taken up with the local police – out of sheer pity police allows just and only four women of Rinkle’s Family and the petitioner Rinkle’s uncle Daya Ram was permitted to reach the court!!!!. On one side Barchandis Pirs fully armed Sons & Brothers (Miyan Mithoos son Miyan Aslam was fully armed – His picture was in fact displayed in Media reporting as well) with fully armed men along with thousands of their supporters and on the other hand was mare four women of Rinke’s Family and lone male member Uncle Daya Ram !!!! In such an “Justified” environment when their vehicle makes its way to the court , Lawyers fighting the case for Naved Shah yells at the Muslim Layers representing Rinkle and removes their black forcibly as if by conquering the body of an 17 year old helpless girl equates to conquering of Somnath Mandir -“ What a Fuss !!!! Being Muslims your people are representing Hindus ????? you bloody betrayers !!!!” However by some way eventually Rinkle Family did make way to the court just to see the entire courtyard filled with not only armed followers of Barchandis but by Miyan Mithoo sons Miyan Rafiq & Miyan Aslam apart from their brother in law Miyan Javed !!!.

Under rule 164 it is mandatory that the statement be recorded after a meeting of victim with both the parties which may go up to 2 hours after which the statement could be recorded but in the history of judiciary this should be the first time that court which assembles at 08:15 in the morning, treats an Victim to be a criminal , denies the family even to see her visually leave apart any sort of meeting!!!!!. The court which merely 48 hours back spend its entire day unable to record her statement displayed unprecedented hurry to finish off the proceedings by 8:45 AM !!!! That too by “announcing!!!!” that Rinkle statement have been recorded !!!!! Even before the court room was getting emptied that lies start spreading courtesy private news channel that “ Hey ! Rinkle had choose to be Muslim by accepting Shariat Mahumadi !!!!

In a sheer mockery of Media present even before the court is adjourned Rinkle was handed over to the barchandis !!!

Today the law of land is silent, Judiciary is silent and silent are those nationalist who hardly waste any time to shed blood for any drop of sweet in the name of Sindhi nationalism. !!!! Utter Soundlessness had engulfed even those Human Right Activists who hardly waste a minute to take credit of their sacrifices in the name of humanity and make it heard from victims!!!! Media too is either silent or busy chanting slogans “ Islam Zindabad ”!!!! Under such circumstances if there are any tears it had to be that of either Rinkle’s or her relatives!!!! who if they had strength would have brought storm to save her!!….Everybody had reasons to be quite. The so called Sindhi Nationalists choose to lick Wadhers (Rich & Powerfull of interior sindh) feet rather than take up Sindh’s cause.!!! One of the gretest Sindhi Poet Shekh Awaz was once reminded “ Are you aware of the sindhi you are talking about ?” today such assessment seem too read to ignore

Barchondis own infamous dubious character was displayed in full public glare was neither the first nor the last. 2nd. November 1939 was the unfortunate day when one of the respected, Holy and admired Saint Bhagat Kanwar Ram was assassinated at Ruk Statation by the same Barchondis. The main accused in that Muder case was none other than own father of now PPP MNA Miya Mithoo, Abdul Rahim along with his two followers. At that time British were busy implementing their well tested policy of spreading venom between Hindus and Muslim in Sindh and strengthening the very presence of Muslim League in Sindh and above anything triggering off the mass migration of Hindus from Sindh , Barchondis were the ones who prepared the ground for them brick by brick. With the well thought out game plan under their sleeves the British initially managed to harass men of Barchondis and in return the revenge was taken by assassinating Sain Bhagat Kanwar Ram. Now only this the same group was responsible for the killing in broad daylight in Sukkur of Mr Panmani – the Hindu member of Sindh Assembly who protested against the killing.!!!!!Such was the mechanism of Barchondis to strengthen Muslim League at the expenses of Sindh’s Hindu Sindhi community. This eventually forced lacs of Hindus to take refuge in foreign land (India). The conspiracy is still alive till this very day. The blue eyed boys of those “Desi British” are still studying the same lessons from the same dargah working dedicatedly on the same mission. Despite the fact that in sindhi Muslim samaj, the punishment for even a abuse of slightest crime against women is bloody DEATH yet when it comes to a Hindu Sindhi even a well respected PPP leaders are more than ready to abuse, abduct and convert young hindu girls!!! In a society where a mare crime like theft of an Goat by an poor unable to hire a lawyer could result in a life imprisonment!!!, herds of layers and Media assembles in excitement and joy for a case which is nothing more than a clear cut case of Kidnapping & forced conversation.!!!! Apart from forcefully converting teenage girls from the same village Daya Bai, Rajni Bai, Dr. Radha , Dr Sulachni Gul, Priyanka Nilam Ladhani , thereby glorifying Islam. Despite being responsible for crimes against humanity they shockingly pride in it!!!. There are reports that Hindu girls who are married on some pretext or other and then after nullified from their marriages are made sex slaved and are made to present at their service as kidnappers wish !!!. Whenever such issue comes to light we sindhi Muslims had to do more than merely pointing fingers at each other , but till the time the issues come to light we had to reconcile to the fact that we had to stay in Black dark night but more importantly it will be our political activism & Sindhi pride that shall me made to pay for the mess. Some day some where we would obviously be held us accountable for sure !!!

Weather Rinkle case would be like the Bengali women (of 1971 period in Now Bangladesh) Rajni -brutalized and raped mother of 4 or it could proved to be a test case of Sindhis (Muslims) being alive and conscious – I don’t know but I would like to preset the words of an physician of the beleaguered Hindu community to the people of Sindh. I am sure everybodyof us in present day Sindh should be having some answer but what I don’t know is weather we would like to pronounce our verdict !!!! Everybody from us however could put up the question the themselves. Assuming that I put the same question to myself, I could not sleep for more than 2 hours in the last 48 hours. If you like instead of thinking anything else , condenser just as we normally do- kick out such non-sense and believe that Sindhis are better off thinking that evaluating such issues is nothing than wastage of time: We are strictly upset, we are tense and under severe psychological pressure “ What prevents us from seeking justice for ourselves , that we cant even see our forcefully kidnapped/married daughters, can’t meet our daughters, and cant invite them as guests !!! Ten this bring us to the as existed during hey days of Muslim league – that is Shall we start killing our teenage daughters with our own hands on reaching puberty ???????

Hindus of Sindh- Forgotten community

“Ask Hindus  to immediately vacate Sind”  These were the first words of Gandhiji to the  group of Sindhi Congressmen led my then congress Stalwart  Mr. Choitram Gidwani who met Gandhiji  immediately after the fateful partition. Those left Sind obviously feel vindicated but those left or choose to stay back are facing the heat which is unlikely to die down any time soon.

Immediately after partition Sindhis in general found more solace in Gandhij then in Nehru whom they consider more like an politician than a real statesman. The then Sindhi Statesman from the congress  Mr. Choitram Gidwani was on record when we he say that “Nehru prefer to not to waste his tears on Sindhi Hindus”. Compared to Nehru, Gandhiji did took a lot of interest in the settlement of Hindu Sindhis. Gandhidham a city founded on the advice of Gandhiji is testimony of his attachment to Sindhi’s cause.

Although Sindhis did have own share of problems in India with the established Business communities viz. Marwaris & Gujarati Jains in Rajeshtan & Gujarat resp. but things are way far better in India then in Sindh. Notwithstanding such odds of Resettlement in India,  Sindhis do are considered among the well established communities in North India at least financially.

Post Partition Sindh had never been that rosy for Sindhis of  either community,  with Cities  in control of outsiders and resources in the hands of  big Brother Punjab. The condition of have been even more pathetic for Minorities.  The latest issue being that of Kidnapping and more importantly forceful conversation of Young Sindhi Girls to Islam supplemented by Marriage to Muslim men which too are obviously forceful.  In the past 15 days there have been three such incidents involving three Hindu Girls viz. Rinkle Kumari from Ghotki, in Mirpur Mathelo, Dr. Lata from Jacocabad and Asha from Larkana apart from killing of 4 Hindus including 3 Doctors  in Chak, Shikarpu a bustling town with an substantial population of Sindhi Hindus in the pre-Pakistan era.

Among the three cases Rinkle Kumari case hit the maxmimum headlines. As per the reports Rinkle Kumari 17 year old doughter of a Primary School employee Nandlal was kindnapped on 24th. of Last Month from her residence. As soon as it got confirmed that she had indeed  been kidnapped process for registering an  FIR was initiated which took 5 Hrs on the next Day. The reason for such delay is quite understandable by locals. Absence of FIR means to no court cases and forced conversion doesn’t need any further formalities. However in this case the FIR was indeed registered after 5 hrs long agitation by the local Hindu Sindhi panchyet.

The main accused in this case is Mian Mittho, Member of National Assembly elected from Ghotki on Bhutto’s Pakistan Peoples Party ticket. Mithoo Miyan has another distinction being the Pir of Barchandi dargrgah – which has a notorious record of forceful abduction & conversion. The difference is this time he did it for his son. The background of the Barchandi Pir has an history of religious intolerance. Mian mitoo father who was  booked in 1930’s along with his two followers for the murder of one of the greatest saints of Hindu Sindhis – Bhagat Kunwar Ram Sahib which ultimately led to mass exodus of Hindu- Sindhis in the after math of Masjid-Manzilgarh Issue and in fact gave a strong foot hold to Muslim League in Sindh. The movement had yet another high profile casualty. It let to the downfall of Sindhi’s only secular Chief Minister – Allah Baksh Soomro  who too was ultimately killed within months presumably by Muslim League supporters.

As regards this particular case, Rinkle’s family alleged that they receive a call around 1 PM from the one of the Pir’s Son that Rinkle is with them in case they wish to meet her they are free to do but in Peer’s Residence. A negotiation did followed and ultimately it was decided to arrange an meeting in Hindu Panchyat office’s Offce but once Rinkle’e relative were at the Hall , they were informed that the Pirs have informed that the meeting is cancelled and any meeting should be held only in Peers residence or Dargah.

Any Sindhi  in sindh is all well aware of the fact that with how much freedom that an 17 year Old girl would be provided that too when she is under custody of Fanatic Pir. In the mean time Sindhi Hindu Panchyet along with Nationalist Party Jiye Sindh led by Riaz Chandio continued agitation which eventually let Rinkle Kumari to be presented Ghotki court.


For any individual who had covered such abduction-conversation-marriage cases this case would indeed would be  an stereotyped one. Almost in all the cases the sequence of events are as if they are pre- documented. Girls get kidnapped, presented to kangaroo courts (on the grounds that there had been agitation by the relatives), victims relatives are kept at a bay from the court proceedings, Victims statements as per rule 164 are always as per the dictates of the kidnappers. Outside the court building there are armed bandits or supporters of the kidnappers backed by Islamic orators delivering Islamic speeches. The entire background is created so that the Girls dare not to speak against her kidnappers.

In Rinkle Kumari case, the court drama was enacted to a near perfection. On the first day of her court appearance she did confessed in front of the Hon. Judge that she had been kidnapped and she wishes to return to her parents but before her statements could be officially recorded a drama was enacted by Noved Shah, Mian Mithu’s son who was presented as her Husband enacted a drama allegedly under the instruction of his father to be suddenly unconscious although he seems to be in no trouble before Rinkle statement. This opportunity was utilized by the Judge  presumably on the instructions of PPP  MPA (Member of Parliament) to defer the proceedings for as much as two days more importantly Rinkle was sent to police custody instead of Women Shelter as procedure. While the Rinkle layers cried foul, the interim order did give Mitto’s men an much need opportunity to re-plan.

Police Custody was obviously the preferable choice for Mian mitho had complete freedom in intimidating his victim and he did exactly just that. Reports confirm that she was forced to receive a call form a Ghotki Strongman who threaten her  of dire consequences in case she insists on her version of events. “Dire consequences” are indeed fearful words in this part of the world where Political Strongman’s localy termed “wadaras” have private prison or s and are obviously above any law of the land. They owe their existence since thousands of years and have grown stronger with democracy. Non of the political parties dare to act against them.

In the mean time news reaches that Pakistan President and co-Chairperson of PPP have taken strong exception of the incident and sought report Sind Government which happens to be a PPP Government. As a fallout of the news, Rinkle was immediately shifed to Ghotki from her prison at Sukkar that too at dead night around 2 AM by the same police who are till now only implementing only the court order.

On the very next day district court at Ghotki and its surrounds were turned into a fortress not so much by the local administration but MPA’s men with armed men in control of the court. Administration merely helped them. All roads leading to the court were blocked but such restrictions weren’t meant for Mian Mitoo’s men but for Hindus. Mian Mittoo’s men were indeed did their homework to perfection. Loudspeaker installed atop the vehicles for broadcasting provocative  Islamic sermons  and rustic men firing in the air. With the armed men in control, Rinkle was left alone to defend herself surrounded my wild men. Her statement was recorded in absence of her lawyers or relatives. There are confirmed reports which states that as Rinkle expressed  her desire to return to her parents home she was slapped my Mian Mithoo’s men  which compiled her to eventually fall in line. All this happened in front of the Judge who is supposed tobe custodian of the Law.  Her statements ever since had been in line with Mithoo diktat.

The court understandably passed the order of transferring Rinkle to her kidnappers as it happens in almost all such cases in that part of the world after recording her statements under rule 164. To the outside world it is an perfect justice with the girl being attracted to Islam accepts Islam and marries  a Muslim too. Marrage had always been an mandatory component as loss on girls virginity that too once it becomes public, had an psychological impact as her chances of getting  Hindus where they married diminishes considerable. It is evidently one of the reasons why most of the girls remain silent hoping for the best in such situations. Such sitations obviously are utilized by the kidnappers to silence girls.

Mitoo staged  the drama with photo finish in front of urdu Media who hailed it as an Love marriage although never had mullahs have accept the very concept of Love marriage. This despite the fact that recently in the same town an Hindu converted to Muslim and married a muslim just to arrested on the charges of kidnapping- no reports of Love affair getting published in Media nor the mullahs took pride in welcoming the hindu male to its ever increasing Islamic faith.

Forced conversation is nothing new. The history of Sindh are full of stories of such abduction-conversion-Solemnized ever since arabs become masters. So much so that Jhulelal owes its origin to Hindu- Muslim divide. Even during the British period which was relatively peaceful and prosperous which let the coming of the age,  Religious conversation continued although to a lesser extent. Among those neo-coverts were sheiks who preferred to increased their strength only by conversation. Such was their menace  in Northan Sindh there was a saying among the Hindu Sindhis – Sheikh putu shaitan jo, na hindu jo na musalman jo (Son of Seikh are just wicked, they are neither true hindu nor they are true to muslim faith) . In the post Pakistan years this menace had evidently increase as depleting strength of Hindus meant these conversation are opposed my far fewer Hindus than before 1947. What had added to the problems of the Hindus is in Pre partition days when they had an option of Migration to Karachi, Hyderbad where hindus are in larger number. In post Partition days Cities being in controlled of outsiders (Mohajirs – India Muslims, Pathan & Punjabis) Hindus have two options either slow the bitter pill or to  Migrate India.

Unlike India where Politicians & media take a more or less a balanced view in Pakistan including  Sindh for the majority see no wrong is such conversations, some take pride while others do not consider as an issue in first place. Rinkle conversation however have been different. Despite the fact that Rinkle family had to flee their hometown Ghotki and took shelter in a Gurudwara in Lahore protest never really died down. There had indeed been very few occasions when there had been protest by civil rights groups or more importantly Secular Muslims although their number remain practically very low with majority of Intellectuals & writers remaining silent spectators to the mayhems that had practically shaken Sindh’s Hindu minority.

Equally disappointing had been response of Local Sindhi Media. While in the initial stages the entire controversy was dubbed as an Love   affair of an Hindu girls eloping her Muslim lover. English media  did took a more balance view but the most disappointing have been the role of Local Sindhi Media who choose to remain silent and in a way preferred to ignore the news. Of late there had been a lot of hue and cry of  Sindhi Vernacular media being coming of the age and taking up the issue considered dear to Sindhi aspirations but when it comes to controversial  issue and more importantly issues related to mayhem  against the minorities media response have been disappointing. Sindhi Media had always choose to ignore and this case is no different. Almost the entire Sindhi media barring Awami Awaz kept themselves away from the entire controversy. It was however handful of the columnist viz. Asad Chandio (Awami  Awaz) Vengees (Daily Ibarat, Hyderabad, Sindh) and Zarar Pirzada (Daily Kawish) who did a remarkable job in keeping the tempo of the agitation alive but more importantly keeping the issue alive through Social Networking sites viz. Twitter & Facebook. Moreover a group of American Sindhis did a commendable job which led to US Congressmen Mr. Bred Sherman writing an hard warded later to President Zardari (at least by Indian Standards) to work on the release of Rinkle Kumari and be handed over to her parents.

It was out of the individual zeal of the media personalities as well  as  civil rights groups and Hindu panchyets that  Sindh High court took up the case of all the three Hindu girls who were kidnapped one after another viz Rinkle Kumari rom Mirpur  Mathelo, Dr. Lata from Jacocabad and Asha Kumari from Bhutto Stronghold Larkana . As per the hearing of Sindhi High Court Rinkle  Kumari & Dr. Lata have been sent to Women shelter hope to be presented to Pakistan Supreme Court on of March when these cases are slated to be taken up Chief Justice Pakistan Supreme Court whereas Asha Kumari still remains to be traced.

There had been couple of Media appearances of Rinkle Kumari staged by the infamous Mian Mitoo and a court appearance on his petition that her relatives and parents of Rinkle could harm the couple. Court however have refused to proceed the matter as the issue was expected to come up for Hearing in Sindh High Court on 12th. March 2012. In almost all of her media appearance she not only looked tensed but Mian mithoo men continued to issue written papers on what to say and she said according the script – viz she had great Love for Islam, of being troubled by her father and maternal uncle (who is incidentally spearheading the court cases ) being unkind to him although her previous assertion she loved  Naved Shah (Miyan Mitoo’s son)  being dropped merely as a part of the media strategy. All question or cross analysis of the Rinkle was however brushed aside by Mitoo Gang which ratifies what civil rights groups had always alleged that she had indeed been kidnapped. In fact an telephonic interview she answered only in yes or no.  Even during her appearance in Sindh High court she continued to be surrounded not only by Miyan Mitoo Women folk but that too presumable failed to satisfy Mian Mithoo as an ear piece was noticed in  Rinkle ears presumably  to convey his  diktats remotely which was however removed under the orders Hon. Judge Sindh High Court.


Sindh’s civil Socity and beleaguered Hindu cimmunity did reciaved a boost when veteran Sindhi Writer with strong secular credentials  Amar Jalil publically expressed dismay at the turn of events which reminds of mass migration when Majority of Sindhi Muslims remain mare spectators as Hindus were forced to vacate towns after towns. As a mark of solidarity he did grace the presence in Sindh High Court. Present with him were Marvi Memon who recently joined Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz Sharif Group) and who in the past had been close to Hindus and nationalist party leaders viz Ryaz Chandio & Shafi Burat. But apart form handful of personalities hardly any one from writer’s community or Public life  have raised any hue and cry on the issue which is being see as re-run of 1947- with the only difference being that this sindhi Muslims  or at lest a section of them are spearheading the ethnic cleansing of Sindhi Hindu community in Sindh.


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The case of all the three hindu girls is just a tip of iceberg in the context of attacks on the minority. According to the Pakistan Human Rights Commotions findings every month as many as 20 hindu girls are kindnapped and forced to marry muslims which translated to one every  day. There had been countless cases of Hindus being kidnapped and Killed. In most of the cases the attackers not only go scot-free but even issue public threats to Hindus before lunching the attacks. For instance killers of Hindus are yet to be apprehended although Media reported that Pakistan People’s Party, Shikarpur chief was responsible for the attack. He too issued threats before lunching attack.

Sindhi Dalits who bare the major brunt of the Mullah fine. As per estimates 80% of Hindu Sindhis in Sindh are dalits. Denied equal rights they not only continue to loose their daughters at an unprecedented rate but are denied even the basis fundamental rights. Studies show that the Mass migration that too place in 1947 hardly touched the dalits. But it is the anti-Hindu crusade after the partition which is taking a toll on the Dalits.

One of the major reasons of Hindus pathetic conditions being lack of Political will in taking up cause of Hindus. Non of the major political Political parties viz Pakistan Muslim League or Pakistan Peoples Party never really take them seriously and Jinnah’s separate electrocute system further reduced the Hindu community political influence. Sindhi Hindu community frequently complain of being merely selected than elected with reduces that power to put of their case in Islamic Sindh.  Even the so called Nationalist Parties show lukewarm response to the cause of Hindu Sindhis in Sindh. Even since the latest agitation began Hindus had to depend on handful of members of civil socity  and even lesser number of political personalities taking any interest plight of Hindus in general leave apart Dalits. Even Rasul Bux Palijo’s Awami Tahreek which has a sizable support in Hindus have been slow to response to the call for protest.

Despite Nehru-Liquat Ali Pact Migration of Hindus never really stopped. Termed locally in Sindh as “brain drain” almost every month there are reports of Hindus Migrating to India for an peaceful life. This migration is unlikely to die now till no more hindus are left who could migrate on their own and now with reports of atrocities hitting national & International media migration is likely to increase. Of-late there had been calls to put a stem to the migration but with justice & administrative taking clear side migration is likely to dominate media without any tangible change of ground situation.


For a Hindu Sindhi migrating from Sindh to India, life indeed seems to be like a paradise. With no fear of Kidnapping, killing and forced religious conversation, sindhi could eventually get on with their normal lives like Indians do this despite being stateless in India. Unfortunately the cause of Hindus and more importantly have never been taken up in right earnest moreover removed from international media glare Dalits in Sind live a sub-human lives. More that 80% of the dalits are extremely poor and to further aggravate the matter are natural calamity like floods & drought where regular instances of denial of basic relif are not uncommon. While the case Hindus in Punjab or North Pakistan  taken up in Indian Parliament,  Sindhi Hindu cause remains unrepresented. One of the reason had been understandably of Sindhis being under represented in India.

Ever Since the case of kidnappings of hindu girls have have hit media Headlines more and more such are coming to light. Although the fate of these girls  is to be decided my Chief Justice Iftikar Mohamad Choudhury on 26th. of March 2012, there are chance that  this case might follow the route of Manu Bhil case where despite Pakistan Supreme Court Notice nothing really happened. It is indeed the time for India and International to take a strong notice of the Sub-Human condition of Hindu community in Sindh before it gets too Late.  There is urgent need of evacuation of Hindus of Sindh failing which there are chances of Human catastrophe being unveiled as fighting a corrupt system and fighting people with corrupt mentality is an entirely different issue.

Today Hindus in Sindh look international community help and compassion failing which their survivability is under serious threat. Its time for the world to wake up in the interest of Human dignity.

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