Plight of Hindus : The beleaguered minority community of Sindh, Pakistan

This report was published in Awami Awaz. The translated version is being published now.

Take a call – Either allow us to live or let us leave, Migration in Sindh in real terms had bitten even 1947 records : Hindu Member to Standing committee of Human Rights in National Assembly Pakistan

Awami Awaz:- Report-Sakheel Naich—The Standing committee of Human Right had recommended to the Govt. of Sindh that forcible conversation be stopped and action be taken against the responsible and legislation be drafted to in order to stop the migration of Hindus. Further legislation be drafted to stop incidents of Karo-Kari and Prison manual be modified in line with the present times. These were the main points discussed in the meeting of standing committee of Human Rights which was presided over by Ryaz Fatiyana who holds the chair of the commission as well. Incidentally in the meeting the data related  to Forced Conversation and Migration of Hindus as being put up by I G Sindhi from Sindhi were out rightly  rejected  by the Minority Hindu members of the commission . Speaking on the data put up by I G Sindh Falak Khurshid, Hindu MNA (Member of National Assembly Pakistan) said the level of Migration in Sindhi in the last 5 years have been much more compared to that of mass migration in 1947!! In Mirpur Khas alone there are reports of Hindered being already migrated. Additional IG Sindh said Hindus being a hardworking community and have of an progressive which is the reason why they are specifically targeted. President Zardari have already instituted a three member parliamentary  committee to look into the issue. MNA Aeresh Kumar Singh said that the data are far for being true. Indian minister had publically confirm that 500 families are already in India  and have expressed their willingness of staying here on long term. Majority of those Migrated once have refused to return. In Sindhi many more have been killed. If Hindus migrate it would spell disaster for us. Mr Mangal Sharma of Minority Alliance said  in September alone as many as 12 Hindu Girls have been forcefully converted to Islam. Among these 12 only one girl have been return to her family. As many as 7500 family have been migrated and in the last 20 yrs the data for migrated once put up the figure at One and half lacks. Not even 5% of the jobs are with Hindus. There is no Hindu personal Law Board as well. Mr Tikam Mal of Pakistan Hindu Council said forced conversion is the single most reason of Hindu Migration. We need to believe only on Hard facts. The Girl after being kidnapped for 20 days is being presented as Muslim , we are asking why a girl had to be made wife why nor a daughter or Sister ? We will earn money anyway but about humiliation that we go through? In case a law is drafted to make easier of Hindus being converted we would have no other option but to Migrate to India. “Either you let us live or let us leave” Additional IG Sindh on his part said that we are bonded by law of Land. As per law the boy and the Girls are presented to the court and it is up to the courts to issue the verdict . We merely comply with the court order. Mr Kashoor Zahiri MNA from MQM said Hindus love this country more than what we do. The present situations demand an through rethink of our attitude towards minority. This is a serious issue. This issue had tarnished the image of the country internationally. We need to draft a legislation so as an deterrent for such cases. Ramesh Singh of Minority Itehad said there are serious issue facing Hindus and so in the migration. Indian Minister says 1290 Families have migrated while 790 have already been awarded citizenships. Massive migration is on in Sukkur. In case ransom is the only solutions where is the role of Police !! Security should be provided to places of Worship belonging to Minority community. Satram Singh Domak of Baluchistan Assembly & Ram Sindg Sodha of Sindh had already migrated. If elected representatives don’t feel secure then who cares for common Hindu ? Give us the Rights what Quid Azam had promised. Immediately after the formation of Pakistan, Quid had the parliament presided by an Hindu Jogindernath Mondal. In Pakistan it was Hindu M P singh would used to speak of Sacrifice for the state  of Pakistan. In case Pakistan is in distress it is the minorities who would stand tall. Aresh Kumar Singh  MNA said that let police clarify where they have received any Government policy  to expedite the exodus of Hindus from Pakistan.  Let police clarify we won t raise hue and cry on the issue. MNA Inayat Allah said act against Hindus is an terrorist act, it is indeed shameful that Hindus are migrating. We have been hearing since the last 20 years of the presence of Private prisons. Hindu personal Law must be enacted. Cases against the Hindus needs to be tried in Special courts similar to that of terror courts like ATC. Minorities are our assets. We can’t tolerate their exodus. Special Secretary Home Mudasar Iqbal said in order to secure minorities as have constituted  committee in every district  of Sindh under Dy Commissioner which would include five minorities members apart from SSP. In the meet chairman of the commission Rayaz fathyana said there is no doubt  that non Muslims have equalrights as Muslims . Quaid in his 11 August Speech have clearly laid out the principles of equality. The venom of Militant Islam was speed by Gen Zia and we are facing the consequences of his adventurism. Legend has it that when in Chertal , Kashas community was being forcefully converted to Islam by some fanatics , then great prophet had issues stern dictates that henceforth all should have equal rights. Today if Hindus are being kidnapped, their daughters being forcefully convert, it is the duly of the STATE to provide security to the Hindus. When some Christians were terrorized in Gungarawala we protested in strongest possible terms. This commission recommends to the government of Sindh to install secrete CCTV in religious places belonging to the minority community and those cameras should be connected to nearest Police stations. Security of all religious places belonging to the minority community is State responsibility. We recommend a separate legislation to prevent forced conversation of Hindu Girls. The existing criminal Law should be amended to provide safe custody of the girls for a month. Within that period nobody should  be allowed to meet her. Additionally we recommend that religious places be in charge of an officer belonging to minority community. Minority community leaders should meet Spl Secretary Home for 2-3 hours on Monday. Henceforth a strong massage should be communicated that atrocities will not be tolerated. Hindus should not me forcefully converted. A separate cell is to be created to redress the issue on force conversion. A Quota of 5% reservation of Jobs for Minority is to be implemented. We will meet again in 2-3 months to take a stock of the situation. In the Meeting Riyaz Faiyana complemented that Sindh Police had opened a cell to redress the issue. Sindh Government should start some form of communication with religious leaders. Civil society too should be in the loop. Media should asked to cover such activity so that Executive & Judiciary could take notice of the menace of Karo Kari. We appreciate the work of UNDP who had done a commendable word for its eradications. This committee expresses deep concern for the incidents of Honor killings in the name of Karo Kari. As regards the prison reforms Ryaz Fatyana said that a recommendation is being sent to Sindh govt through Prison dept. secretary to immediately change Prison Manual. Imitates should be provide with telephone services. Those who are for smaller crime should be provided with opportunity of bail where ever possible. Imitates should be provided with access to lawyers. Games should be allowed in Jails. Television should be allowed in Prison with a large screen. The committee recommends written request for major newspaper to supply of News paper . Additionally dept should provide newspaper stand. Regular medical checks should be carried out in prisons including Hepatitis B are other disease .


Dalit Hindu Women leader abducted & Murdered

AmarKot, Thar parkar Sindh, (Awami Awaz):

Hindu Women leader abducted two days back have been found murdered. Sindhi Dalits Hindu Women Leader working for near Women and poor laborers Nathi Meghwar’s body was found floating in a canal near Ghoghar Moree in Thar Parkar District of Sindh. Police was informed by the Villagers who first saw the Body. The body was letter taken to nearby Hospital and was handed over  to the family & relatives after post Mortem . Prior to that Mr. Narayan  Megwar husband of Nathi Meghwar along with family members reach the Hospital said Nathi had been raising voice against the Wadhers (Powerfull politicians /Zamindars). According to Nathi’s relative she was kidnapped before being murdered. They further said that on the fatefull day Nathi got a call from a Wadhera who invited her to  collect pending payments of Workers, after that she was intractable. Her husband Narayan  Meghwar alledged that nathi we might have raped fefore being Mudered.

Yet another case of abduction of Hindu Girls in Sindh

Dhabechi, Sindh Pakistan : Reports suggest 20 yrs old Sunita Maheshwari been missing possibly kidnapped. Relatives doubt to be case of abduction. As per latest news 20 yrs old Sunita Maheshwari doughter of Panhoo Maheshwari went missing while on her to provide tuitions. As she did not return as per the regular scheduled time concern relatives started a search operation. As relatives failed to recover her a case have been registered against Bhudi Khuso and 6 others for Abduction