Dalit Hindu Women leader abducted & Murdered

AmarKot, Thar parkar Sindh, (Awami Awaz):

Hindu Women leader abducted two days back have been found murdered. Sindhi Dalits Hindu Women Leader working for near Women and poor laborers Nathi Meghwar’s body was found floating in a canal near Ghoghar Moree in Thar Parkar District of Sindh. Police was informed by the Villagers who first saw the Body. The body was letter taken to nearby Hospital and was handed over  to the family & relatives after post Mortem . Prior to that Mr. Narayan  Megwar husband of Nathi Meghwar along with family members reach the Hospital said Nathi had been raising voice against the Wadhers (Powerfull politicians /Zamindars). According to Nathi’s relative she was kidnapped before being murdered. They further said that on the fatefull day Nathi got a call from a Wadhera who invited her to  collect pending payments of Workers, after that she was intractable. Her husband Narayan  Meghwar alledged that nathi we might have raped fefore being Mudered.


Where is Rinkle Kumari? Report Sindhtalk

Where is Rinkle Kumari?

Nobody knows at this point of time where is Rinkle Kumari

Rinkle who’s so called love affair was solemnized by Court Order/Drama before being handed over to her husband

It had been 6 months now yet none of us exactly know where she actually is. Not surprising rumor- market is already hot with speculations

Some say Rinkle while escaping from the custody of  infamous PPP MNA ‘s Manson was in fact killed after being Shot at.

While another rumor say she is still in custody of Miyan Mithoo instead of being with her so called husband where nobody is allowed to meet her. Etc etc

Despite of the fact that Rinkle had changed her religion but denying her an opportunity to meet her mother cannot be justified under any circumstances. So much so that she have even been denied to attend marriage of her lone brother!!!

Can it be justified under any condition that being a Muslim one needs to serve all her relations . Blood relations are indeed for life time. Can a separation of Child from their mother be justified for life time ?? Can a child be separated  from her mother simply on the basis that  child have been professing separate religion. ?

We understand that despite Rinkle Kumari being  Faryal Bibi but before that she is an Human and it is only after that she is Sindhi or Muslim and more than that if any relationships exists that is of an Sister to brother or with that that of her immediate family. This relationship is just as that of an idol to an Temple. We need understand that rinkle can server her relationship with Temple but not with her immediate family could neither be served nor could be denied under any rule of nature. Rinkle right to maintain her relationship cannot be whims of Mitan mithoo . More importantly it should be brought to notice of where Rinkle is and on what basis she has been denied access to her immediate family. Immediate steps should therefore be taken for an family reunion else we all should be ready for increased pressure and more importantly we are lowering Human dignity in front of the world at large

 Link to the main  article in Arabic Sindhi : 


It is not Easy to be a Hindu in Pakistan : Migrated Sindhi Hindu

  • India Start processing citizenship for Hindus who have completed 7 yrs of stay in India: Awami Awaz
  • It is not Easy to be a Hindu in Pakistan, We have migrated after much difficulty : An Pakistan-Sindhi Hindu Migrant in Jodhpur
  • 900 Hindus await for their case to be heard by Indian officials
  • Pakistan Rejects “Thar Express is the main Lifeline for the migrating Hindus of Sindh : BBC News”
  • 10,000 already migrated. Mysterious forces are responsible for the migration of Hindus : Ali Hasan Chandio Leader Sindh national movement
  • Hindus travelling from Ghotki, Shikarpur, Jacacobad, Kashmore to India not for pilgrimage for  security reasons :  Ali Hasan Chandio Leader Sindh National movement
  • PPP Wadhras are helping in the Migration . Govt failure to Protect Hindus have forced us to come on streets : Sindhi Nationalists
  • Atrocities of Hindus in a way related to Election : Sindhi Nationalists
  • Sons of Soil (Hindu Sindhis) are being migrated to make way for Burmese & Bangali Muslims : Ryaz Chandio (Sindhi Nationalists)
  • Itz Height of atrocities on Hindus. We have reached a breaking point : Wakar Shah
  • Hindu girls have been forced to Convert : Sindh National Movement


Yet another case of abduction of Hindu Girls in Sindh

Dhabechi, Sindh Pakistan : Reports suggest 20 yrs old Sunita Maheshwari been missing possibly kidnapped. Relatives doubt to be case of abduction. As per latest news 20 yrs old Sunita Maheshwari doughter of Panhoo Maheshwari went missing while on her to provide tuitions. As she did not return as per the regular scheduled time concern relatives started a search operation. As relatives failed to recover her a case have been registered against Bhudi Khuso and 6 others for Abduction


Rinkle’s Grandfather Dada Manohar Migrates to India

  • Rinkle’s Grandfather Dada Manohar  gives up after months of Abuse , Migrates to India
  • Rinkle’s Grandfather have been getting threatening calls for Muder
  • Dada Manohar  sells his business and handover residence to left over relatives
  • I was looted multiple time and have no option. Govt. & Police too ditch us : Dada Manohar
  • Govt. Should start Meeting with Hindu community  district wise to stop this migration : Advocate Amarlal
  • Eid will be celebrated in Sindh without much fanfare due to Forced Conversation and migration of Hindus : Sindh National Movement
  • Manisha forced to give her statement . This is the gross violation of Article 20 & 25 : Adv Amarlal
  • Pak SC to hear lawyer arguments on Rinkle case within a week

Hindus of Sindh : CM Sindh adds insult to injury

  • Hindu Girls themselves are marrying  Muslims : Sindh CM
  • Hindus have been provided benefit & Ministerial berths. They are going to India on pilgrimage and not migrating : CM Sindh
  • Media is unnecesserly spreading wrong news about hinddu Migration : CM Sindh
  • Laws are framed on concenses. They are enacted as any body wish : Sindh CM
  • Hindus are free to convert their daughters : CM Sindh
  • Jinnah too spoke of security of Minoraties : CM Sindh
  • Zardari’s Sister Faryal Talpur meets Hindu Members for Job Quota for Hindus
  • “Provide security to Hindus” Zardari tells the govt
  • Hindus have been staying in Sindh since centuries and are true Pakistanis : Faryal Talpur
  • Hindus Youth should join PPP , they concerns will be heard : Faryal Talpur
  • We will implement all recommendations of Hindus : Faryal Talpur
  • “Sindh is occupied, Hindus being forced to migrate” Atta Md. Bhanbari refuses award
  • Atrocities against Hindus must Stop : Atta Md. Bhanbharo
  • No truth in Hindu Migration : Governor Sindh
  • Hindus will return after pilgrimage of India: Governor Sindh
  • Who ever troubles Hindus will be punished : Mola Baksh Chandio Chief of Precedent Fact Finding team
  • Love marrages have been happening in Muslims as well : Mola Baksh Chandio
  • Precedent will be updated on Hindu Migration and  Manisha case : : Mola Baksh Chandio
  • I have spoken to Hindus of different part of Sindh. The issue are not as media is portraying it : : Mola Baksh Chandio
  • Saminar on Hindus on 17th. Aug @ Hyderbad and Dharna on 2nd Sept at Thul: Ali Hasan Chandio -Sindh National Movement
  • Struggle for security of Hindus need to be speeded up : Ali Hasan Chandio -Sindh National Movement
  • Responsible media , Civil society and Nationalist have forced Govt to act : Ali Hasan Chandio -Sindh National Movement
  • If Migration is an propanganda then why Govt. is so active on Hindu Migration : Ali Hasan Chandio -Sindh National Movement
  • Criminals commiting crimes against Hindus are being protected : Ali Hasan Chandio -Sindh National Movement at Malir Press conf
  • Migration of Hindus is a serious issue : Mumtaz Bhutto
  • Hindus looted in Dhokri, Looters allowed to go scot-free by Police
  • “Hindus : Don’t Migrate we will provide security”: Imtaz Sk
  • Protest in Sindh against Hindu Migration
  • 200 Hindus migrated from Sindh
  • Atrocities against Hindus is an conspiracy against Pakistan : Wasit Allah Khan
  • Migration of Hindus : Nationalist to corner the PPP Govt.

ISLAM is being used to terrorized Hindus in Pak : Nawaz Sharif

  • Civil society members protest against atrocities on Hindus including forced Conversation
  • 1400 Pilgrims did not return from India
  • “Hindus are not migrating from Sindh” : Maulana Baksh Chandio Member of Precendicial fact finding team
  • Govt. nominated  Hindu leaders are ignoring Hindu issues , Delegates to Precedent Fact Finding team
  •  “We have forced Minorities to accept as what we think right” – Aitazaz Hasan PPP
  • Legislation on Hindu Marriages soon : Fact Finding team
  • Protest in Hyderabad against Hindu Migration by Sindhi Social Media Forum
  • PPP should act against Miyan Mithoo : Raj Kumar
  • By forcefully migrating Hindus, Leader are creating enmity with sindh : Asad Chandio
  • Hindus in Sindh are being terrorized & forced to migrate : Sindhi American think-tank
  • “Conspiracy  against Hindus of Sindh” Sindhi Fisher forum to agitate after Eid in big way
  • ISLAM is being used to terrorized Hindus in Pak : Nawaz Sharif
  • Hindus ! Don’t migrate . We will provide security : Latif Foundation