Dalit Hindu Women leader abducted & Murdered

AmarKot, Thar parkar Sindh, (Awami Awaz):

Hindu Women leader abducted two days back have been found murdered. Sindhi Dalits Hindu Women Leader working for near Women and poor laborers Nathi Meghwar’s body was found floating in a canal near Ghoghar Moree in Thar Parkar District of Sindh. Police was informed by the Villagers who first saw the Body. The body was letter taken to nearby Hospital and was handed over  to the family & relatives after post Mortem . Prior to that Mr. Narayan  Megwar husband of Nathi Meghwar along with family members reach the Hospital said Nathi had been raising voice against the Wadhers (Powerfull politicians /Zamindars). According to Nathi’s relative she was kidnapped before being murdered. They further said that on the fatefull day Nathi got a call from a Wadhera who invited her to  collect pending payments of Workers, after that she was intractable. Her husband Narayan  Meghwar alledged that nathi we might have raped fefore being Mudered.


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