Hindus of Sindh : CM Sindh adds insult to injury

  • Hindu Girls themselves are marrying  Muslims : Sindh CM
  • Hindus have been provided benefit & Ministerial berths. They are going to India on pilgrimage and not migrating : CM Sindh
  • Media is unnecesserly spreading wrong news about hinddu Migration : CM Sindh
  • Laws are framed on concenses. They are enacted as any body wish : Sindh CM
  • Hindus are free to convert their daughters : CM Sindh
  • Jinnah too spoke of security of Minoraties : CM Sindh
  • Zardari’s Sister Faryal Talpur meets Hindu Members for Job Quota for Hindus
  • “Provide security to Hindus” Zardari tells the govt
  • Hindus have been staying in Sindh since centuries and are true Pakistanis : Faryal Talpur
  • Hindus Youth should join PPP , they concerns will be heard : Faryal Talpur
  • We will implement all recommendations of Hindus : Faryal Talpur
  • “Sindh is occupied, Hindus being forced to migrate” Atta Md. Bhanbari refuses award
  • Atrocities against Hindus must Stop : Atta Md. Bhanbharo
  • No truth in Hindu Migration : Governor Sindh
  • Hindus will return after pilgrimage of India: Governor Sindh
  • Who ever troubles Hindus will be punished : Mola Baksh Chandio Chief of Precedent Fact Finding team
  • Love marrages have been happening in Muslims as well : Mola Baksh Chandio
  • Precedent will be updated on Hindu Migration and  Manisha case : : Mola Baksh Chandio
  • I have spoken to Hindus of different part of Sindh. The issue are not as media is portraying it : : Mola Baksh Chandio
  • Saminar on Hindus on 17th. Aug @ Hyderbad and Dharna on 2nd Sept at Thul: Ali Hasan Chandio -Sindh National Movement
  • Struggle for security of Hindus need to be speeded up : Ali Hasan Chandio -Sindh National Movement
  • Responsible media , Civil society and Nationalist have forced Govt to act : Ali Hasan Chandio -Sindh National Movement
  • If Migration is an propanganda then why Govt. is so active on Hindu Migration : Ali Hasan Chandio -Sindh National Movement
  • Criminals commiting crimes against Hindus are being protected : Ali Hasan Chandio -Sindh National Movement at Malir Press conf
  • Migration of Hindus is a serious issue : Mumtaz Bhutto
  • Hindus looted in Dhokri, Looters allowed to go scot-free by Police
  • “Hindus : Don’t Migrate we will provide security”: Imtaz Sk
  • Protest in Sindh against Hindu Migration
  • 200 Hindus migrated from Sindh
  • Atrocities against Hindus is an conspiracy against Pakistan : Wasit Allah Khan
  • Migration of Hindus : Nationalist to corner the PPP Govt.


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