Sindh : Bhagat Kanwar Ram to Rinkle Kumari

At the time when media print as well as electronic were busy in glorifying the Rinkle Kumari issue as “Love Affair “ or joyfully proclaiming the victory of ever -Islam over non Islamic religion it was Sindhi columnist Asad Chandio who unearthed the real story being the curtain.
Preseted herewith the same article of Asad Chandio in English for millions of Sympathizers of Rinkle Kumari who who don’t know Sindhi

Sindh : Bhagat Kanwar Ram to Rinkle Kumari

Using religion /Islam as an tool for intoxication, terrorizing one own race have been an pretty common feature of Sindh & Sindhis since ages present in the form of innumerable conspiracies against sindh . With the passage of time and more importantly despite both the conspiracy & conspirators being unmasked and their true color being made public we tend to be an integral part of such conspiracy without any self analysis or ever shy away by silently ignoring such conspiracy, neither we show any signs if not to replicate in future. Demonizing our own race aka snakes have been our national disease have bully us repeatedly and is to continue till the time we make ourselves believe of being our “own-self” and catalyzed us for a change.

Mirpur Mathelo’s Rinkle Kumari has indeed got strangled comprehensively in the game played in the name of “Love”!!!. One of the staunchest opponent of “Love Marrage” or “marriages by one’e own” Sindh have been issuing certificates of its progressiveness that ranges from “Rinkle issues being an issue of Love Marriage what the hell that we could do ?” to “Why the hell we should intervene ? “ thanks to the initial immaturity of Rinkle. From nationalists to Human Rights activist all are wrapped themselves in stubbed silence. Media too eager not to left behind have been working overtime to cover-up the crimes of rinh & powerful of Ghotki as if they are unaware that “One besieged out of some mistake forced to be a part of scoundrels is pleading for help with her tearful eyes”. Media bigwigs too seem to accept the “accepted” the “change” which is evident from their gleeful enjoyment as if they are not required to be aware of their responsibility !!!

The sheer disgrace of news Journalist in Sindh despite being present in Ghoki have forced me to take up the task of unearthing the truth being the story. As I went deep in the story facts the case become apparent that instead the story instead being that of an innocent girl of being in love with a wrong man she was the victim of an well planned conspiracy. A conspiracy that is at work since 1939 till date with outmost ruthlessness. We neither took notice of it then nor we intend to take notice today as “What I happening? “,Why it is happening? and “if allowed to happen what may happen down the line ?”

Before understanding as Who conspired this? why did they conspired ? and who were the conduits of such conspiracy ? let us understand the facts of “Rinkle case”
Rinkle kumari is 17 year student of Std. X residing at Sahi bazaar, Mirpur Mathelo who is planning for further studies. In the same locality is another young man Naved Shah, who apart from belonging to Panjabi Shelter family is a part of such a hippies who are controlled by criminal kingpin Hasam Kalhoro who is intern is under the care of Gothki Warlord and is known in world at large as MNA belonging to Pakistan Peoples Party. Hashim Kulhoro is an resident of an village Waki near Mirphur Mathelo being known for his ruthless in crime worls. To understate his crime one needs to refer single instance which happen way back in 2000: SHO after arresting him paraded him naked in Mitpur Mathelo. Naved Shah is just an little know member of his infamous Gang who earned some sort of distinction by merely being the conduit of forceful conversation thereby washing away all his past sins. In this context the issue comes of Rinkle being close to Naved Shah or being forced to be close to him is crucial to the understanding of the episode . It is imperative that we get into the bottom the issue to understand the mess.
Rinkle issue came to light on the Night of Friday February 24 (Remember Friday night – the importance that it has in pious Musalmaan’s life), the general view about Rinkle absconding goes on as this- She came out of her residence at Night she reached at that place where Hasam Kulhoro had already deputed three of his trusted men to help Naved Shah. Rinkle took the risk to meet Naved Shah but presence of three of Naved’s companion took her by surprise and shockingly her hope of returning got sealed on that point of time. She paid the price of her adventure by being at a place where she never thought to me in the wildest of her dreams. On 24 Feb Rinkle’s Uncle registers an FIR Vide no 2012/21 in Mirpur Mathelo Police Station thereby registering a complain officially against Naved Shah.

Even before Rinkle’s relatives and Town’s Hindu Panchyet get in terms of the situation of “What happened ? or How it happened ?” Rinkle’s family gets a calls around 1 PM from non other that local PPP MNA’s son Miyan Islam that Rinkle is with us and in you wished to meet her you are welcomed at Barchandis Sharif . Hindu community living in Ghotki are well aware of fact that how much freedom an 17 year old will be provide to express her desire/emotions in Barchondi Sharif !!!! Understandably the above circumstances Miyan Islam was asked to present Rinkle to DPO office which he refused. Eventually though he does agrees to bring Rinkle to Hindu panchyet office , but despite an verbal agreement Rinkle could not be presented on Hindu panchyet community hall as Miyan Mithoo team backtracked !!!!!
As per what have been detailed till now two things come to light

1. If Rinkle had herself choose to accept Islam than she could have been be presented at any damn place. If that had happen Barchondis could have remove the tag of forceful conversation of their head.!!! Why they were insisting only on Barchondi Sherif where nothing moves against their wishes ????

2. And in case Naved is an ordinary young man who wished to have some relationship with Rinkle , then she should have been in Naved’s residence but why she had been brought to infamous Barchondis who have dubious reputation for forceful conversation!!! Whatever may be the outcome of the talks between Rinkle relatives/Hindu community members, all communication was however postponed till any decisions is arrived at Sr. Civil Judge office at Ghotki

What happened on the next day in the office of SSP & Sr. Civil Judge Ghotki can only be understood on analysis of the drama enacted on a day before and after :
On Saturday 25 Feb. the torch bearer of lone voice in solidarity with the Rinkle’s family Mr. Raiz Chandio of Nationalist Sindhi Party Jeye Sindh Kaumi Mahaz was asked to come down to DSP Ghotki Office to meet Rinkle. The moment he arrived he saw not the police officer in this official chair but Miyan Mithoo’s Brother Miyan Shaman !!!! This act clearly justifies the apprehension that if Govt officials could behad in glove and susceptible to political pressure then what to expect of the victims !!!!!. The institutions who swore to work on the principals of Justice, impartiality & rule of Land shocks with yet another act : The DSP said to Riyaz Chandio “ In case you do not wished to Meet Rinkle in presence of Miyan Saam then you may meet her in presence of Naved Shah!!!”

Any dam person aware of justice system could easily understand that How come a person like Naved Shah be allowed to be with her victim when an FIR had already been lodge merely 24 hours back ? How it could be accepted by the family whose daughter have been kidnapped would ever accept to meet her alongside her abductor??? Throughout the drama Rinkle watch the scenario behind the closed window of Miyan Saam vehicle helplessly as Rinkle parents unable to get any positive response move to the office of Civil Judge Ghotki where her Statement under Rule 164 was to be recorded.

Rule 164 dictates that Statements is to be recorded in presence of both the parties which include even the lawyers from both sides. Consequently Rinkle began recording her statement which in presence of Naved Shah lawyers. Rinkel said “ I never choose to run away and marry. Some people intruded from our terrace and abducted me. I wish to go return to my family and not to Naved Shah or Barchiadis Pirs”. Rinkle not only gave the statement while she meet har parents but only in presence of Respected Judge of Civil Court. But while Rinkle was recording her statement a pre planned drama was enacted in the courtroom. (the chief conspirators are obviously believe to be Naved Shah’s lawyers as they passed on the information to miyan Mithoo , news about the statements being recorded of Rinkle). Even before the formalities for recording Rinkle Statement complete an drama is enacted in which Naved how apparently was medically fit& Fine , all off sudden acts to be fainted in the court room and to everybody surprise the Judge instead of handing over Rinkle to her parents transfers Rinkle to the sympathizers of Pirs , police for two days before postponing the session and Police follows suit to transfer her to Womens Police remand at Shukkar. This led to the process for modification of statement for Article 164 is initiated pretty easily !!!!! While Rinkle’s lawyers cried foul but the fate of Rinkle was as such that court instead of considering Darualm – Women Shelter home considered Police Custody as much more secure for Rinkle !!!!!

While still in Police Custody another notable incidentcomes to loght. While is she cursing her fate in her cell a policeman handsover a mobile phone to attend a call from warlord from Ghoti. On refusing to attend the call the policemen switches on the speakers. The strongman on call issues a veiled threat which goes as follows “look ! in case you don’t change your official statement of returning to your parents, not only you but all your family members will be butchered to death and Shops and residences of Hindus of ghotki will be set on fire”

In the mean time on the night of February 26 immediately after the news spreads that Pakistani President had taken a strong notice of the incident, the police which was till now “dutifully” abiding with the court orders immediately shifts Rinkle from Women Police custody that too at dead night around 2 AM. The court proceedings was to start from 8:15 AM on Feburary 27, yet it repeating the scenario of abduction shifts Rinkle in uttur hurry. Nobody knows why prompted the police to shift Rinkle that too in such an hurry considering the distance from Sukkur to Mirpur Mathelo takes just one hour !!!

27th. February was the day of unprecedented developments for inhabitants of Mirpur Mathelo. All roads leading to Court of Civil Judge were sealed by Tankers. But shockingly such restrictions were not applied for sympathizers of Pirs & Mullhas who rammed in Dozens of Vehicles whose numbers is any estimates not less than in thousands. Despite massing up such an strength they still required fully loaded guns to face an unarmed handful of members of Hindu community such was their fear on that day!!!!. On the other hand no one is ready to ferry Rinkle’s family members or their sympathizers to court such is the fear factor in Ghotki !!! When this issue was being taken up with the local police – out of sheer pity police allows just and only four women of Rinkle’s Family and the petitioner Rinkle’s uncle Daya Ram was permitted to reach the court!!!!. On one side Barchandis Pirs fully armed Sons & Brothers (Miyan Mithoos son Miyan Aslam was fully armed – His picture was in fact displayed in Media reporting as well) with fully armed men along with thousands of their supporters and on the other hand was mare four women of Rinke’s Family and lone male member Uncle Daya Ram !!!! In such an “Justified” environment when their vehicle makes its way to the court , Lawyers fighting the case for Naved Shah yells at the Muslim Layers representing Rinkle and removes their black forcibly as if by conquering the body of an 17 year old helpless girl equates to conquering of Somnath Mandir -“ What a Fuss !!!! Being Muslims your people are representing Hindus ????? you bloody betrayers !!!!” However by some way eventually Rinkle Family did make way to the court just to see the entire courtyard filled with not only armed followers of Barchandis but by Miyan Mithoo sons Miyan Rafiq & Miyan Aslam apart from their brother in law Miyan Javed !!!.

Under rule 164 it is mandatory that the statement be recorded after a meeting of victim with both the parties which may go up to 2 hours after which the statement could be recorded but in the history of judiciary this should be the first time that court which assembles at 08:15 in the morning, treats an Victim to be a criminal , denies the family even to see her visually leave apart any sort of meeting!!!!!. The court which merely 48 hours back spend its entire day unable to record her statement displayed unprecedented hurry to finish off the proceedings by 8:45 AM !!!! That too by “announcing!!!!” that Rinkle statement have been recorded !!!!! Even before the court room was getting emptied that lies start spreading courtesy private news channel that “ Hey ! Rinkle had choose to be Muslim by accepting Shariat Mahumadi !!!!

In a sheer mockery of Media present even before the court is adjourned Rinkle was handed over to the barchandis !!!

Today the law of land is silent, Judiciary is silent and silent are those nationalist who hardly waste any time to shed blood for any drop of sweet in the name of Sindhi nationalism. !!!! Utter Soundlessness had engulfed even those Human Right Activists who hardly waste a minute to take credit of their sacrifices in the name of humanity and make it heard from victims!!!! Media too is either silent or busy chanting slogans “ Islam Zindabad ”!!!! Under such circumstances if there are any tears it had to be that of either Rinkle’s or her relatives!!!! who if they had strength would have brought storm to save her!!….Everybody had reasons to be quite. The so called Sindhi Nationalists choose to lick Wadhers (Rich & Powerfull of interior sindh) feet rather than take up Sindh’s cause.!!! One of the gretest Sindhi Poet Shekh Awaz was once reminded “ Are you aware of the sindhi you are talking about ?” today such assessment seem too read to ignore

Barchondis own infamous dubious character was displayed in full public glare was neither the first nor the last. 2nd. November 1939 was the unfortunate day when one of the respected, Holy and admired Saint Bhagat Kanwar Ram was assassinated at Ruk Statation by the same Barchondis. The main accused in that Muder case was none other than own father of now PPP MNA Miya Mithoo, Abdul Rahim along with his two followers. At that time British were busy implementing their well tested policy of spreading venom between Hindus and Muslim in Sindh and strengthening the very presence of Muslim League in Sindh and above anything triggering off the mass migration of Hindus from Sindh , Barchondis were the ones who prepared the ground for them brick by brick. With the well thought out game plan under their sleeves the British initially managed to harass men of Barchondis and in return the revenge was taken by assassinating Sain Bhagat Kanwar Ram. Now only this the same group was responsible for the killing in broad daylight in Sukkur of Mr Panmani – the Hindu member of Sindh Assembly who protested against the killing.!!!!!Such was the mechanism of Barchondis to strengthen Muslim League at the expenses of Sindh’s Hindu Sindhi community. This eventually forced lacs of Hindus to take refuge in foreign land (India). The conspiracy is still alive till this very day. The blue eyed boys of those “Desi British” are still studying the same lessons from the same dargah working dedicatedly on the same mission. Despite the fact that in sindhi Muslim samaj, the punishment for even a abuse of slightest crime against women is bloody DEATH yet when it comes to a Hindu Sindhi even a well respected PPP leaders are more than ready to abuse, abduct and convert young hindu girls!!! In a society where a mare crime like theft of an Goat by an poor unable to hire a lawyer could result in a life imprisonment!!!, herds of layers and Media assembles in excitement and joy for a case which is nothing more than a clear cut case of Kidnapping & forced conversation.!!!! Apart from forcefully converting teenage girls from the same village Daya Bai, Rajni Bai, Dr. Radha , Dr Sulachni Gul, Priyanka Nilam Ladhani , thereby glorifying Islam. Despite being responsible for crimes against humanity they shockingly pride in it!!!. There are reports that Hindu girls who are married on some pretext or other and then after nullified from their marriages are made sex slaved and are made to present at their service as kidnappers wish !!!. Whenever such issue comes to light we sindhi Muslims had to do more than merely pointing fingers at each other , but till the time the issues come to light we had to reconcile to the fact that we had to stay in Black dark night but more importantly it will be our political activism & Sindhi pride that shall me made to pay for the mess. Some day some where we would obviously be held us accountable for sure !!!

Weather Rinkle case would be like the Bengali women (of 1971 period in Now Bangladesh) Rajni -brutalized and raped mother of 4 or it could proved to be a test case of Sindhis (Muslims) being alive and conscious – I don’t know but I would like to preset the words of an physician of the beleaguered Hindu community to the people of Sindh. I am sure everybodyof us in present day Sindh should be having some answer but what I don’t know is weather we would like to pronounce our verdict !!!! Everybody from us however could put up the question the themselves. Assuming that I put the same question to myself, I could not sleep for more than 2 hours in the last 48 hours. If you like instead of thinking anything else , condenser just as we normally do- kick out such non-sense and believe that Sindhis are better off thinking that evaluating such issues is nothing than wastage of time: We are strictly upset, we are tense and under severe psychological pressure “ What prevents us from seeking justice for ourselves , that we cant even see our forcefully kidnapped/married daughters, can’t meet our daughters, and cant invite them as guests !!! Ten this bring us to the as existed during hey days of Muslim league – that is Shall we start killing our teenage daughters with our own hands on reaching puberty ???????


Hindu Muslim Axis & Sindh

Asad Chandio, columnist Awami Awaz is perhaps few and far between voices who choose to stand up for their values. He was the once who broke the real story of Rinkle Kumari right from the day she was kidnapped.

Presented here is an English translation of his fresh article for those either don’t know sindhi or unable to read Arabic Sindhi Script

Hindu Muslim Axis & Sindh

A closer look at Sindhi (Muslim) socio-political trend right from the times of British Raj till date hardly indicates any shift in change of policy. The manifestations of the last 80 yrs clearly have imprints of the politics which laid its foundation in 1930’s !! The role of Sindhi Muslim intelligentsia appears to be frozen under a thick glacier ice sheet which never showed any signs of melting despite unprecedented socio-political upheavals as rampant in the last 65 years. Time might have witness sea change but our national character remained dormant, unmoved, unperturbed to any change. Our thought & attitude reminds us of the days when then Nationalist leaders G M Syed in utter disregard of Sindhi progressive leaders of Hari committee like Abdul Kadir M Khan, Ramzan Seikh, Noor Allauddin Sarki, Abdul Rahman Aisani & Comrade Nasim Abasi collided with British Agent aka anti- Sindhi elements like Pir Mohammed Rashdi went to the extent of pleading with the Muslims in Bihar assembly to settle in Sindh, or who can forget Khan bahadur Ayub Khurro when in 1945-46 elections campaign he thundered “ I am longing for the day when Hindu would become so vulnerable socially or politically that their women had to have come out to their lands and Shops to feed them”. After massive success in the 1946 election and immediately after being part of the Sindh Cabinet as PWD minister Mr Khurro never hid his apathy with Hindus when he thundered “ Hindus of Sindh will have to migrate somewhere else. They got to go. They should migrate immediately while there is relative peace or else I warn them situation could deteriorate to the extent they would get neither horse or donkey nor any other mode of transport to escape. (Page 23 Karachi Story)

The stubbed silence of PPP Minister on the May 22 Killing of Sindhis in Karachi marks a makeable resemblance to the silence of his grandfather 65 yrs back to the happenings of Jacacobad in 1947. Pir Illahi Baksh used to say in pride “Hindus in Sindh will have to face Forth Battle of Panipat, this will proved to be a waterloo for them”
One needs to understand the reasons behind this xenophobic attitude towords sindhis of different faith which had led to the monsterization of Sindhi society which had turned sindhis against fellow sindhis. In his book “Stern Reckoning” Shri Gopaldas Khosla writes that clarion calls of Sindhi’s Muslim leaders received instant support from Mullahs & Muslim Zamindars. Pirs had always supported the Muslim leaders in run up to the elections which who in turn always received unilateral & unconditional support from Govt. Ministers. Pirs have always provoked their followers to frighten Hindus and Occupy their land and properties. Kazi Faiz Allah of Larkana used to say “ Glorify Islam with Quran in one hand and sword in the other had”. In this procedure Muslim Zamindars used to frighten Hindus by provoking Haris (Peasants) to occupy land belonging to Hindus in Sindh. The xenophobic attitude instantly bore fruits. (Shri Gopaldas Khosla). What started with mare looting of Hindu Land soon escalated to killing & Kidnapping of Women & Children. On 1st. Sept. 1947 such xenophobic clearly visible in Nawabshah thanks to Collector Saudh Gadarposh as cerfew had to imposed in the entire district. On 4th. Sept. 1947 armed men attacked Migrating Hindus (55 of them) between Nawab Shah & Safiqabad Road killing 11 men, 4 women and injuring 17. (Ayub Khuro Page 504)

Sindh’s Mir (Ruler), Pir (Guru) & Wadhera (Zamindars) running on the laid footsteps of the Muslim intelligentsia created an unchangeable xenophobic identity which still bites the sindhis till date with its venomous tentacles. The movement that was initially commissioned off under the direction of British Rules have seen little modification in Sindh since the last eight decades. Nor had been any change in the modus operandi of the Mir-Pir-Wadhereas who keep on practicing their xenophobic tendencies unabedated till date . Today when Sindh is facing the danger of being partitioned (by Muslims of UP/Bihar) my thoughts drive me to the first day when we started to target Hindu Sindhi as our enemy of our existence . Undoubtedly that was the time which laid to the foundation of that we are facing today. In course of this time neither we have change our attitude towards our own nor we have seriously took our enemies as enemies. The roadmap of our destruction that we choose from 1930 continues till date unaltered . The changes are apparent only in faces, even dynasties remained as they were. Ministerial portfolios have change but role remain unchanged.

Its almost 65 years since Sindh saw its sunset in 1947 , Sindhis of Sindh refused to change their social character which have potential to plunge Sindhi Nationalism to a point of no return. After a gap of 65 years Sindh is once again is the witness of the mass migration which was last witnessed during 1947. Even since the Pakistan Supreme Court Judgment on Rinkle & other Hindu Girls hundred of Sindhi Families are migrating to India , additional Hundred are watching the situation in studded silence and are planning to sell their properties at penny just to save their lives and their daughter’s honor. At a time when our enemy threaten us to turn into minority and publicly declare themselves as being in Majority and threaten us to kick us from our own motherland, we shockingly have plunged to new low that we are unable to take notice that our own blood is giving up their mother land !!!!Shall we be minority in our own land as our own brethren are forced to leave our mother land and take refuge in an foreign land ?? We are hardly bothered about it. No matter how much we may take pride in our socio-political transformation we have indeed set ourselved to the path which will indeed lead us to destruction if not anything else. The role played by wadhera (Rich & Powerfull political class) before partition is still being continued un-abetted till now. Sindh’s Pir role & charter too remain unchanged – they too carry our ethnic cleansing of Hindus with equal vigor as they before partition and even took their drive much higher level in pride to purify land of Hindus!! As of now almost entire Northern Sindh district including Ghotki, Shikarpur, Jacocabad, Kashmore- Kandharkot district have been and Purified of Hindus as it is so called. These district are the hub of anti-Hindu drive. Sindhi Jagirdar role remains that of 30’s – when they were mare agents of British Raj’s well designed policy of Divide & Rule , the only difference is that they have mastered it to the perfection with the passage of time and under new self appointed masters

One needs understand the way we Sindhis (Muslim) have positioned ourselves in pursuit of our drive of ethnic cleansing of Hindus. In Kashmore town a Muslim Mushi (manager) have been robbing his Boss a factory owner for years. In 2011 Hindu factory owner eventually realizes that that enough let him release take some action. Unaware of his social status, he calls up his corrupt muslim manager and says “ That’s enough Boy ! Time to depart. Your played with my confidence bit too much, you cannot be at my service. Since being a family man your family don’t suffer till you get an new job I will be paying you equivalent to that of your salary of one year. The Muslim employee instead of being ashamed of his deeds and pleased to get a year’s pay went returns to his village and said “ Hindu Seth abused so I left the job, now its your job my Muslim brethren to take revenge”. The conditions that emerge from the incident made life of the Hindu seth like an living hell. The issue reached the local Sardar where Hindu was found to be cleaned of any excesses as alleged my his warring employee, yet the decision that was proclaimed surprise many. The Hindu employer was asked to three years of salary to the employees despite being looted for years !!!

In Shakarpur Ashok Kumar have been fighting for 610 acre of land encroach got shot at to cease he fight. In Chak killers of three Hindus have encroach Hundred of Acres of Land belonging to Hindu community. In Puno Akil (Near Shikarpur) Mukhi Kundan Das have lost all he used to have . Amar Lal of Mehar have lost 617 Acre of Land till date. In Mirpur Mathelo Seth AsanDas case still shocks us to the tilt. His personal driver Magsi in order to capture his Land burned him inside his car!!!!. Today Magsi family is perhaps the richest in Mirpur Mathelo.

Apart from encroaching Hindu Land Kidnapping Hindu Businessmen for ransom, Kidnapping of Hindu Girls for Ransom and keeping Hindu Girl for unspecified period and then handed over to their servants or are sold to their new buyer. Tormented Hindus alleged that between 1999 to 2009 thousands of Hindu girls have been kidnapped. Rinkle Kidnapping and its echo in the entire world could be easily heard here.

Socially sindhis never bothered to introspect their own conspiracy and all their anti-sindhis xenophobic behavior – all dragged under the carpet along with innumerable cases of acts against their own. Nobody bothered to understand the pain of Hindus who tormented with the help of criminals have been forced to give up their mother land –A process running unabated since the last 65 years being sphere-headed by alliance of same Pirs & Mirs. Just as in the past they were doing this under some instruction, today they could be seen dancing like puppets on the same tune , nothing seems to changed here. Writing in the book on her father Khan Bahadur Ayub Khurro, Hamida Khurro recalls “ Post Partion saw an unprecedented increase of looting & kidnapping targeting Rich & well to do Hindus” (Page 503). In light of what have been detailed it is quite apparent as the reason behind the mayhem from Pre-partition time !! The same work is being continued till date. Similarly Sindh’s national esteem was silent yesterday on the Migration of Hindus from Sindh as they are today !!! Sind Anti sindh & zenophobic act remains same, the implication of such act remains same and the attitude of Sindhis remain same. Nothing have changed in the last 65 years except that the sindh which used to belonged only to sindhis now haves multiple buyers !!! We sindhis at one stage or other have joined new post partition settlers in giving them a voice.!!! We neither understood the conspiracy being hatched yesterday , nor we intend to understand the reason being it today!!!!

The issue is not just of Muslim activism. Hindus remain stacked up in the ages where they were before the start of Muslim Pir-Mir-Wadhera conspiracy against them leading to partition. Gopaldas Khosla in his column “Politics of Sindh & Hindu Muslim conflict” Unlike the non Muslims of Punjab, Hindus of Sindh have never been militant. They are not even been habituated to struggle for their rights or took part in any form of agitation thereof. It seems that Hindus have accepted as the fact that Muslim are humans of worse kind who superior to them in aggression and true with their nature prefer to compromise or to runaway then confront the enemy.

Unfortunately Hindus of Sindh still stands where it was in the past as detailed my Khosla. Even Today they failed to take up the challenged posed my Mullahs backed Muslim criminals. They prefer to give up their right on Land pretty easily. With stubbed silence, their abandoned localities are a bitter truth of this reality. Who are left are leaving or planning to get out as soon as possible.
Sindhi Media too needs to play its role. It needs to unmask the anti-Sindh agenda. Its needs to naked the truth being the conspiracy being hatch behind the closed doors of Havelies of Mir-Pir-Wadhera combine. Disaster haven’t been only brought up my post partition immigrants but by our own Pir-Mir-Wa dhera combine who remotely controlled my rich & Powerfull working at tandem at the behest of immigrants. During Partition parliamentary Secretary Kazi Mohamad Akber was involve in Looting & driving out Hindus in Hyderabad, Sindh. (Stern Reckoning, Story of Karachi,Page 241). Today too something similar is being seen- Hindus being looted, their offspring being kidnapped are being forced to migrate from Sindh!!!. This is the time we come to our senses and show may to real change that can lead us to some way .

Post Partition saw huge influx if Muslim immigrants from Indian main land who instead of working tirelessly to settle themselves never abandon their refugee camps until and unless galloped properties costing millions through false claims. With the passage of time they forced Hindus from their Homes in Karachi & Hyderabad – there accomplishing their of becoming rich- These are same stuff of people who are now eyeing our Land. These are the same people who proudly proclaim in the own Urdu language TV channels of their demography being more then that indigenous sindhis. On the other hand we even being threaten to be reduced to minority in our own land, we are driving our own sindhis (Hindus) out of sindh thereby digging our own grave. The slogans coming out of interior and that from Karachi are ostensibly two different sounds from the same musical instrument. If we the sympathisers of sindhi cause do not track the meanings between the lines, history might forget us but Sindh will never forget us. This will indeed reduce Sindh’s 5000 yrs history to dust and we will surely proved to the worse generation that sindh had ever produced. This would surely proved to the last nail in the coffin is case we remain in deep slumber !!!!!

Asad Chandio (

Rinkle’s SMS to her MOM shared by Raj Kumar

Mom, Leave me & migrate to India so that I could give up my life with ease. These ppl blackmail me that my family would be wiped out. If I refuse to take meal but they manage to force me once a day’s meal under the threat of Guns. Mayan Mithoo tells me that from if your relatives couldn’t save you in Ghotki court , Shelter House & Supreme Court do you think that they could ever free you ? I said I was never a Muslim & I will never will be a Muslim either. I just want to be with my mom. They force me to eat Beef almost every day but I throw it away. I simply survive on Vagetables & Paulses just 2 be alive. Mom please tell me when you are migrating to India so that I could die. They tell me that they will be taking me to Saudi Arab durning Ramzan – I refuse they threaten me with Gun. MOM I want to die but god is not permitting me that too.

I came to know that my brother had got married. Look at my fate I could not even sing Sehra (Sindhi Marriage songs) in my lone brother’s marriage!! I planned a lot for my Pavan’s marrage. Mom even putting all effort you couldn’t save me. I cried in front of media that this country is or Muslims. Hindus wont get justice here. Mom today I cried for the entire day, no body is there so provide me solace. This never happed when I was with you Ghotki. Mom, what my Bhabi thinks about me ?

Mom I belonged to you yesterday and I belong to you today. Kidnappers might have control of my body but my soul will always be with you, I and my dead body.

Tell Bhabi that whatever happed was not Rinkle’s fault. I heard that mama rajkumar had left Pakistan. Ask for forgiveness from on my behalf. Tell mama it was not my fault. Hope you don’t delete this SMS ?